Saturday, June 12, 2010

4th of July corsages

4th of July corsages I made for a few of my friends:)  I made one out of silks and the other out of silks and denim and can't decide which I like the best!  I have been following my friend Cassandra's ezine class to learn to make these basic ones.  They look easy however,  I was really frustrated with the first few and feel better about them now!
After a crazy week of spider bites (son), hospital stays with viral meningits (sister) and headaches (me), my husbands 3 brothers and their wives all came down to our home this weekend to take family pics and have May, June and July birthdays.  It was nice to end on a fun note after all of that!

My mother in law got my niece Lily a new American girl doll and my Maranda got the American doll depression GLASS picnic set.  Maranda and her doll Rebecca and Lily and her new doll Pearly (LOL) had a picnic upstairs while their daddies and uncles all played Call of Duty in the basement!!  Check out the vintage hankie looking picnic blanket and napkins!
It was fun having all the family here.  Glad Eric and Dedra were able to come in from L.A. an bring our beautiful niece Rachel:)


  1. Sounds like the week was a little crazy! So glad you all had a great time together with family.
    Stay well this week!

  2. Hope your week is settling down now and your little one is feeling better. Love the paper dolls in the post below!! Wow!


  3. Very Nice Yard and Corsages. Sylvia

  4. We had so much fun! Thanks for having us over...Oh and Lily's doll is now named Savannah ;-) Nice try with Pearl though..LOL


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