Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day Valentine constructions inspired by Holly:)

This garland is a small one made out of cupcake papers and some glittered hearts. The box is a movie themed Valentine box for Maranda. It was just a little $2 box from hoblob, paper, glittered M, Black and white of Maranda, a two birds in a pod movie ticket, white crepe paper, and some Tim Holtz movie strip (look close to see it on top of the box really cute!) I had fun making these before I crashed out on one tiny little muscle relaxer! My neck has been hurting since our ski trip and Ryan had me try one of his pills! It stole my whole day from me. I crashed out and slept most of the day away and my neck still hurts!!!! I don't think I had ever taken one before and will never take one agin! Ugggg Little life sucking out of you pill! So I will now be nocturnal and cruise the internet all night! (I really like exclamtion points tonight!!!!!) Geeeez!
I am excited ot have 11 followers. I am not sure how that works but it makes me feel special:)
I have enjoyed our snowed in Oklahoma loooong weekend. That takes me to the name of my blog that so many have snickered at as I told them (not all:). I have always loved the line in the song OKLAHOMA that goes "my honey lamb and I set alone and talk and watch the hawk makeing lazy circles in the sky." It was cute to me and goofy to some but it is stuck now (exclamation point!!!!!) lol I hope everyone enjoys my crafts. It is my therapy and shopping habit at this time in my life and I love it!!!!!! I hope you all enjoy:)


  1. That is too cute of Maranda! Kelsey would love to have one. I am so glad you have your craft area!!!

  2. I love that box, Shelley! And the garland with the dangly hearts is so cute!

  3. Your blog looks gorgeous. You've done a great job. I also think you might be a touch insane or maybe it's just a powerful case of ADD:)

  4. I love this know I have crafting in my I love this new phase your in..getting a lot of great ideas from you for my little Charlie Grace..hope you hang around a long time and keep me inspired!


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