Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still here

I have been a busy gal lately and took a long break from blogging.  I feel so out of the loop! I have been quilting and being a busy momma.

We have had a broken foot, birthday party, and halloween just to name a few of the events that have kept us busy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


  1. Hey Girl!

    Good to hear from you. I bet school's really keeping you busy too, especially this time of year.

    Hope your baby-girl's feeling better!


  2. Hi Shelley:
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your quilts are stunning! I can see why you haven't been posting. With the exception of a broken foot, all the reasons are gorgeous. Hugs to that baby. I hope that she heals soon.

  3. Miss Shelley I am so glad you are back on the Blogging circuit! We have all missed reading about what you are into. I knew that you had been cranking out all those beautiful quilts girl. Oh My Goodness! You have been busy. Don't you just love the accomplishment of finishing a quilt that your children will have forever and pass down to their children. Love them all. Keep up the blogging so we know you still are around. It was great to see you on saturday. It was a crazy fun day! Come take a class in 2011

  4. Oh thank goodness--I was thinking about you yesterday and almost emailed to see if you're alright. Life is busy-and that's a good thing. :o) Cheers to you and your family,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilts!

  5. I was wondering what happened to you! Glad to see you back...That whole having to be a mother business always gets in the way of crafting ;0)

  6. Bless your heart! And your poor baby girl! Hey - my son was Mario, too!!! Have a wonderful, peaceful, and blessed Thanksgiving!

  7. Welcome back! Don't feel guilty about taking a break from blogging. Family always comes first! Your kids are adorable! Their Halloween costumes were very cool, and your little girl looks cute as can be, even with a broken foot! I hope your family has a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

  8. YEA !!! So happy you came up for air !!!
    LOVE those keep on amazing me tho' I should be over that by now :)


  9. Girlfriend! I 've been wondering where you've been! Wow, you sure have been busy. Sorry to hear about your little girl's broken foot. Beautiful quilts!
    Stop by my blog, I am having a give away a day until Christmas.

  10. I worried about you when you didn't post. In fact I even sent you an email! Glad you were just busy. And I hope that broken foot wasn't yours. Your quilts are great! Happy HolidayS! HUGS! Charlene

  11. Merry Christmas to you! I absolutely LOVE your quilts! I'm a newbie to quilting, so any inspiration I can get will push me to creating;D


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