Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas
I guess I wasn't alone in making Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.  I know about 8 other people that had the same idea.  They turned out great and I made two big pans full.  I love her cook book because it is sooooo Oklahoma.  It is everything we always make around here and shows why we are such a fat state. ;)

 I also made my friend Jackie Peter's blue berry, cream cheese French Toast.  This is always a big hit!
Santa (PaPa Steve) comes every Christmas morning driving up in his red 38' Ford with Mrs. Clause (NaNa).  Thankfully my sisters and I live in a 4 mile radius.  Santa gets to make all the rounds and eat cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy and pancakes.  The Clause's get stuffed Christmas morning! 
 This Feather Weight was one of my favorite gifts this year!
 Luke loved his OU quilt I made for him :)
 Gabe also loved his quilt of planets I made for him!  I used glow in the dark thread to quilt his!
 I am working on a quilt for Maranda and already made one for her in the fall that she now snuggles.  In this picture Maranda is wearing a Christmas skirt that my friend Jemellia made for her.  She got lots of attention in it!
 This is what is going on with the wool crazy quilt this week.  I will do another post on this and the class next month.  I love doing this.  Embroidery may be my favorite thing in the world to do!!
 This is my hobo fringe that I made and have enjoyed carrying this holiday season.  It is an Amy Butler.
This is a picture I took of myself to show my friend Robin.  She made me this rosette necklace that I wore the whole season too.  I even wore it Christmas day:)  I love it!!!!  I bought several of her rosettes to give away as gifts this Christmas too.


  1. I knew you would be cranking out those quilts for Christmas Gifts. They all turned out so awesome. I am sure your children will have many hours snuggled up in them and the memories they will hold.
    Glad to see you are still around. I've missed your updated blog girl! Maybe this year you will have some time to keep up posted on whatever marathon you are on!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh my goodness you've been a busy girl! Oh and seeing those cinnamon rolls with the frosting, WOW...we skipped the frosting because the rolls were deadly enough for us...well that is with eating so many of them at once ;) I am loving the wool too!! Happy New Year!

  3. Just look at your cool self with that sweet scarf!! Hey lady! Been wondering about you and now I know you've just been a busy lady! I hope your holidays were magical and you all have a Happy New Year!

  4. Hey Girl!

    I too, have missed your blogs, but understand why you've been so busy. It was so good hearing from you - thanks for the Christmas card!

    Unfortunately, my Christmas Eve was spent with my head in the toilet. Mary, Nic, and I all got the stomach bug that's been going around. Hope yours was better.

    OMG, I have GOT to make that blueberry recipe! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blueberries!! Matter of fact, just got myself some blueberry popcycles for my queasy stomach. They're new and really good!

    Since we didn't get to enjoy Christmas this year, I'm hoping to see family New Year's Eve. Right now we just had a major snowstorm here so it's very wintery.

    OK, I've babbled enough.

    See ya!

  5. OMG... I think I just gained 10 lbs looking at all that yummy Looks like you had a great Christmas. So glad. Just wanted to pop over and say hello and wish you a very Happy New Year. Can't wait to see more of you wonderful creations.
    Janet Bernasconi
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  6. Hey Doll
    "Happy New Year!"
    Have a Fab 2011!

  7. Food looks yummy, family looks beautiful and so do youuuu. Wishing you the happiest, most blessed and prosperous New Year EVAH (())

  8. What a wonderful handmade Christmas you and your family had! Those are gifts they will cherish forever.

    I just gained a pound looking at those cinnamon rolls, by the way....

  9. Damn girl! I have to start sewing immediately! Gosh!

    I love that picture of you in your rosette necklace! You look great and your bag is pretty! Make more with us??

  10. Hey girly! YOu look fabulous, and I'm glad you've been busy. These pics are great....those rolls look so rich and yummy.
    BTW- I LOVE LOVE love that quilt below with the red and aqua in it......!!!


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