Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maranda's Pinwheels

Maranda's Quilt

I adored the 3 Sister's Line "Martinique."  I bought up tons of it  at the end of the bolt sale.  I had been wanting to make Maranda a  pinwheel quilt with it ever since.  I decided last night at 6:30 after having been at Luke's baseball tourney all day that I would start it! I now have 16 of the 30 I am going to make done.

 I started with two charm packs and cut them at a 2 inch at top and 3 inch at bottom angle.

 I lay the pieces into the pinwheel pattern.

With my trusty Sonic tea in the back ground, I started sewing it together.

I am not much of a "pinner" but really believe in ironing.

 Viola!  I pretty little pinwheel.

 I love my little stack of pinwheels:)

 I am anxious to crank some more of these babies out today!

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  1. Lucky girl! That quilt is going to be beautiful!


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