Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Honeycomb Hexi's

Hexi Honeycomb
At quilt camp, I decided to try my hand a paper piecing hexi's.
 I basted all of the hexi's and then hand sewed each together.
 Ryan took a shot of me sewing them one morning.
 This is the backside with the paper hexi's in them still.
I machine sewed the honeycomb onto a rough piece of osenberg.
I made a little bee out of wool and then embroidered my blog title on it.

I have not made a pillow in a long time.
I was pretty happy with my out come.


  1. What?

    I find you to be fearless...

  2. This turned out to be FANTASTIC, Shelley!

  3. Just adorable Shell...I am impressed as usual!Who knew you were going to grow up and be the artist you are today!

  4. You are amazing Shelley! I love the one before this, too.

  5. LOL I love Robin's comment. she is right on.
    hope ya'll are doin' well.

  6. It was sooooooooooo great to see you at the Glitter Market! WE MUST get together next time I come up. You looked wonderful! HUGS!

  7. Every night my HoneyLamb and I
    Sit alone and talk
    And watch a hawk
    Making lazy circles in the skyyyyyyyy!!!!!

    I miss you!



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