Sunday, July 17, 2011

Confetti Rag Quilt

I have been wanting to make a flannel rag quilt for awhile and finally got the chance this week.   I was down in Blanchard last week and found a little quilt shop that had Bliss in flannel.   I love the colors of Bliss!

If it wasn't for these spring loaded scissors, I would have been in big trouble when it came to clipping all the fringe into it.  Everyone told me that it takes twice as long to clip it all than it did to cut and sew it together.  They all underestimated my speed and I don't give a crap if I cut into the seam one in awhile mentality! :)

Again with the yummy to die for colors!!!  It is definitely a happy rag quilt:)

I made a lap quilt so I had 300 squares to cut.  I just watched a little Flipping Out on Bravo while I worked and was done in no time.

I haven't washed it yet because I love the look of it.  It looks like confetti right now!

I have missed all of my blog friends!  I plan on getting back on here and updating my blog more often.  I have made (ok started) several quilting and embroidering projects that I hope to post soon.


  1. Shelley, that confetti looks good enough to eat! I love the Bliss colors, too. Whenever I come over, I want to snuggle in that quilt!

  2. I LOVE it! Great job miss suzie seamstress............Glad to see you back to blogging once again. I've missed you to girl! Come up to see us and take a paper class and stay away from the fabric for a while......just kidding!

  3. Love it. I love flannel, love love love it. Give me a cold room, comfy couch and flannel quilt and I'm in Heaven.

  4. Welcome back! I've missed you! What a great little quilt ~ how fun!

  5. This is darling, Shelley! Love it.

  6. It's gorgeous!!! So happy to see you blogging!

  7. Looks great! Of course you busted it out! Miss you!


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