Friday, September 23, 2011

Handmade U

Handmade U
Freshman Semester

All I can say about handmade you in Omaha, NE last week is Home Sweet Home.  It felt like being in a friends home crafting all day and night with good girlfriends.  Rachel Velder, who I think will be in the nut house soon since she is planning a wedding that will be in November! lol, hosted us at the Minglewood Lodge.  I loved the setting and that I got to park my stuff and self all in the same place for the whole weekend.  Rachel was a fabulous hostess.  I can't wait for the spring semester!!!!

  I made all the girls a pin cushion as a gift. 

Rachel had our "school" packets ready with a crazy amount of ephemera and other awesome goodies in it.

This was my spot close to the beautiful fire place, and I sat next to my pal Lisa (also an Okie.)

We made journals and I fell in love with mine.  Michelle Geller was our fun, generous and sweet teacher.  I pondered over my cover for hours I think!  

This is my journal's front, back and spine.

Then we made our painted quilts.  Of course I did hexagons and made it look like honey comb the best I could.  I wish I would have done it more like Grandma's flower garden and think later this week I will. 

We took a field trip to the Velder's home and it was a gorgeous setting!  I wish I had a picture of their charming log cabin.  It was so cozy and beautiful.  Rachel's mom, Sara Velder, has a long arm quilter and I was in awwwwwww.   This is a cream can.  Gerry, Rachel's dad, prepared a cream can dinner for us!  It was so fun and tasted delicious!

It reminded me of a southern shrimp boil just done Nebraska style.

 Here we are posing with our event shirts in the Velder's cabin.

Rachel's mom, Sara Velder, has a long arm quilter and I was in awwwwwww.  Maybe I was a bit JEALOUS too!!!!

Here are all of our quilt canvases.

These are all of our beautiful journals.  I was amazed at how different everyone's journal was and how gorgeous they all turned out.

Me and my girlfriend Lisa!!  She created some gorgeous projects.

Me, Rachel and Lisa

The journals are all lined up for a little photo shoot!

I cannot wait until spring semester!!!  


  1. Loved meeting you! It was a great weekend, wasn't it?

  2. Oh Shelley ~ it was so much fun, wasn't it!?!
    I'm so happy we got to spend time together.
    Thank you for the sweet pin cushion! Now, I'm seeing "hexi's" everywhere I go and I'm thinking of you. :)

  3. Miss Shelley it looks like you are on board once again! I hope to see you soon..............Lisa told me all about your weekend with Rachel and about the spring weekend!

  4. So wonderful to meet you, Shelley! Love your pictures and your projects!!! Can't wait until next semester!!! :-)

  5. OMG! This looks like it was so much fun! Thank you for sharing;D

  6. Looks like you had a great time! Next time, may I hide in your luggage and tag along?

  7. Oh your pin cushions are something else! I knew that gelled journal would KILL me.


    I am glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Shelley so glad you were there! What a weekend, I can't wait for Spring...but I am promising myself not to start planning it truly until after my wedding :) Nut house is not where I want to be :)


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