Friday, September 30, 2011

Hexagon tea towels

More of my hexagon obsession!

I had fun this summer playing with different sizes of hexagons.  Of course, I had to tie my honey comb and bees into my tea towel project.

I love this Anna Maria Horner fabric and thought it would make lovely butterflies!
These hang on my ovens in the kitchen and everyone in my family knows NOT to use them to dry their hands!  They are just for looks! :)


  1. Those are cute, cute, cute! I thought I was the only one who put pretty towels out that were off limits! My husband just doesn't get that concept!

  2. I love hexagons. I have never worked with them. Of course here you are 4 hours and 80,000 hex later....

    See you in the bexwax ckas!


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