Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am now a Junior!!!

Handmade U was last weekend for my junior semester.  Leslie and I drove to Omaha Nebraska last Thursday.  It was so fun to see all the girls from last year and the new ones!  

We woke up Friday morning and did our paper doll swap. 

We got down to business with Michelle Geller (I heart her) and her book binding.  I love the way the spine looks exposed like this.  I didn't listen to all the directions so I "ketteled" incorrectly and had to start over.  I ended up making a scrappy journal and a journal to use my copic markers in.

The top one in this pic is Leslie's and mine is the other!  I have to buy some waxed linen thread now!

Here is my sweet friend Michelle!  These are the two books I made!

Saturday morning Rachel taught us how to make price ribbons. It was so fun to see all the different varieties we came up with in that time.

Leslie and I were excited to be there and sat up our shop in no time.  We did a good job sharing our table. We didn't throw many elbows at each other!!! 

We loved when we got to start our class with Pam Keravuori.  She taught us how to do her style of calligraphy, doodling, water coloring and how to use our copic markers!!!  We all became crazy people over the copic markers and had to make a run to Dick Blick's.  Oh how we all loved and envied anyone who has a local Blick's!!!!  It was such an awesome store!

It was awesome to get to see Pam's doodle journal.  It was beautiful!!!

This was my attempt at doodling and calligraphy.

I love this shot of sweet Michelle and all our bound books.

I loved getting to see my friend Jodie LeJeune from Louisana.  We met in Georgia a few years ago.  She, Pam, Leslie and I shared a table for the event.

It is always fun to see my dear friend Rachel.  Thank you Rachel for hosting another great weekend!


  1. Had an absolute blast with you, especially our walk through the country!

  2. Sorry I missed it but looks like it was so much fun! I could use a class on using my copics. Prize ribbons are so much fun and oh - the calligraphy!
    Miss you!

  3. THIS IS SO COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've always wanted to make a book and it♥

  4. Shelley...having spent time with you in classes at Paper Crown, I had to laugh at your "I didn't listen to all the directions..." LOL! You KNOW I LOVE you!!! Your doodling is FABULOUS! I missed you back here, but SO happy you had so much fun!

  5. Shelley, looks like you all had so much fun. I hope to see you all again at another art event. I would love to attend this one. Keep making pretty things! Love, Sylvia Smith, Cibolo, Tx.


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