Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Days

Valentine Table Runner
I love Valentines and I love the color's red and pink!  I found this pattern by Shabby Fabrics and fell in love.  It took me a couple of days to make it.

It is a table runner for Valentine's Day.  I first cut all my 5 x 5 squares and made the runner on Saturday night.
Maranda is getting over the flu so I was able to stay home and work on the applique` and beading all day.  I had to first trace all of my applique` with my light box.
The house was nice and quiet.  The boys were at Nana and Papa's all day, Ryan was at his folks getting their generator going for the blizzard and M was in her pallet watching t.v. all day as she recouped.  I sat on the floor with a nice cup of Tulsi "honey chamomile" tea.
Some of my hearts cut out!
I tried to contain all my mess into this container.
Ric rac, beads and sequence were sewn on to embellish.
This is a picture of it complete.  The applique` is on both ends of the runner.

Maranda is feeling much better finally today however Ryan is in our room  burning up with fever.  The kids and I are enjoying watching the blizzard blow into our neck of the woods.


  1. Girlfriend! That is gorgeous! I will email you my address so you can send it to me just in time for Valentine's Day! haha

  2. That is just too cute!! The embellishments just make it!! You are turning into quite the seamstress. So proud of you!

  3. That is beautiful!
    Hope everyone in your house is on the mend soon.

  4. It's GORGEOUS!!! You are so talented. Wow!

  5. aww...hope the young un's get better quickly.

    LOVE the pinks and reds and that table runner is soooooo sweet.


  6. OMgosh shel!!! I Love this runner---it is gorg!! You inspire me. The Frenchies are darling as well.

  7. WHAT?

    Just busted out a quilted, embellished runner.

    Do you have a sewing machine in the bathroom.

    Oh of course you do. You are Shelley O!

    I love it. I should do that. I have Christmas and Halloween. I need Valentine's too. Wait, what? This is my problems with the blogs. It makes me want to make everything!!!

    Well done Shelley. You are really something.


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