Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bag making

I am on a Bag Making Frenzy!

Lately, I have been busting out some Amy Butler bags and my new favorite a Bari J. bag!  My friend Jackie (click on Jackie and it should take you right to her purse) made a bag back in January that I loved.  I thought it was so cute and went on with my life.  Then a couple of weeks ago Leslie and I were at the Super Bowl sale at one of our favorite fabric stores in the city and I started looking at books.  I found Bari J's and realized that it was the same book Jackie got inspired to make her super cute purse. 
 I loved being able to use things I had in my stash of fabric for this bag instead of feeling guilty every time I look at it yet never use it!  lol! The flower on top and the blue bird are made out of wool.
 I embroidered my blog name onto it.  Holly wrote it on there for me because I couldn't write it as pretty. Unfortunately,  I did not give it the justice that Holly had put into her gorgeous hand writing.  I go to her ever time I need something to look eloquently written!
 As usual my work looks very "handled", but I love that it looks so homemade nonetheless:)
 The process Bari uses is just layering fabrics and free motion appliqueing it on.  What I love so much about this bag is that I got to make it really unique to me and use as much creativity as I wanted.  I even enjoyed adding a few bugle beads.
 I also made another birdie sling for myself.  This one is out of some of the new Parisville fabric that I am now in love with.
 This is also an Amy Butler bag.  It is her market tote and it is huge.  I am going to save it for our Disney cruise.  I bet I can cram a lot of my kids junk in this for our days on the beach (which really sounds like fun to most people but a lot of work to me!!! lol!)


  1. I love them all but that first one is unreal!

  2. I love your personal HL&I purse! It is perfectly suited to you and I can't imagine any other for you and only you. XOXOX

  3. Your new bags are wonderful. Especially the personalized one in the top photo. Brilliant!

  4. Love love love the bags!! Looks like you've been busy! Hope all is well. (Disney cruise sounds fun!) Happy Day! Micah

  5. Amazing all. I really love the Bari J. collage. Oh lord do I need another book? Another challenge?


  6. Wow! You did it again. I love your bag! I think your name on it gave it that extra touch!

  7. Soooo cute! Loving the bird in its cage!

    Hey, has your magazine article come out yet? I want to make sure and get it.


  8. Your quilting and sewing makes me swoon. Beautiful, as always.

  9. LOL I loooove that you find things you can put your own spin on ... they always turn out so well.

  10. Your colorful bags look great, you certainly have been busy! What a feeling of accomplishment, to make something useful and beautiful. Have a good weekend!

  11. I wasn't able to leave a comment on your birthday post. I noticed too that the title of your post isn't clickable . . wonder if that has something to do with it?!

    Anyway, it sound like you had a wonderful birtday. Oh, my, I didn't know you had had a heart attack and you're so young! I know it can happen at any age but that is truly frightening.

    Sending you a belated birthday hug!!!



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