Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stir Crazy!!!!

We are going Crazy Around here!

We are going on 4 days of all of us staying in this house together.  So far we have all survived each other.  Ryan has been in bed the whole time with the flu.  I have been staying in Maranda's room every night (which has been surprisingly comfortable).  My parents and my sister Stefanie and her family all headed to the cabin in Angel Fire to get away, and now I am thinking that we should have followed!  However, my other sister, Stacie, and I worked on finishing up booking our Disney cruise for the spring with a extra few days at Disney World!  Being stuck in the house during this "blizzard" makes me really excited to go to Florida!  Ryan was actually in Florida all last week on a golf trip with a few buddies and it was colder there at that time than it was here!  ha ha ;)

Well, I  get a little tired of sitting at the sewing machine nonstop.  I love to sit down and do a little needle work (which is my favorite thing to do).  I started working on a Crab Apple Hill piece that is called Winter.  I still have to put the wool and beads on, and then finish the embroidery.  I am just cooped up so I thought I would share what I did all evening last night as my children ran wild through our home!
I got to use my tracing light again to trace the design.

I like to sit on the floor in front of the fireplace and t.v. to work.
(Yes Robin you are seeing all your beloved Valdani!! :)
Here is the pattern and some of the flosses I found to use too.  They are Weeks brand and it happens to be what the pattern called for.  I got lucky!
All I have gotten done is the names and the stems.
My mess on the floor.

Gabe decided he wanted to make a flower for me for Valentine's.  :)  My sweet boy!

Coconut has enjoyed some nice leisurely days in the house!  She absolutely LOVES the snow!

And to my mother in law Cindy...... Yes I have been cooking and cleaning.  We have sat at the table to eat dinner every night.  I actually let Ryan come out of the sick room for the first time in 3 days to sit and eat steak , potatoes and salad.  ;)  Then I made him go right back in.  He is at the doctor right now.  Pray they take the kids back at school tomorrow!!!!


  1. Wish we could get together!!! I love Gabe's flower! He is really doing well! Hang in there!!'

  2. Oh! Can't wait to see when it's finished! That Coconut is too cute (oh and your son too) :)
    Stay warm!

  3. Oh, I know how you FEEL! I now fully understand that Christmas song that goes, "And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!"

  4. Oh Disney is going to happy to have you there and all your upgrades. You could single handedly save the Majic Kingdom.

    Also, you have a few dozen more Valdani spools.

  5. Aw Darlin' ... sick young un's NO fun !
    but you are getting a lot done.



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