Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Fringie Hobo

Fringed Hobo
I bought this fabric a couple of months ago and it has been screaming at me "make me!!!"  
So,  I finally dug out my Amy Butler pattern and made the larger version of this bag.  I love it and can't wait to use it.  This is really a pretty easy bag to put together.  It's  always fun when you use fringe!!!


  1. WELL ! I have been missing a LOT of fun. I know you had a sweet Valentines Day (my Sweetie always writes me a poem) and a great birthday too. And a Ukelele !!! I have heard that they are difficult to play but I have no doubt that you will be playing it in no time.
    Hope you are going to Jenn's next event in Raleigh and will bring your uke (())

  2. Your bag is just fabulous! Very artsy!!!

  3. Wish I could make cute bags like you.

  4. Hey Girl!!!

    First Day of Spring!!! Spring!! Spring!!!! Oh, I'd like to kick winter to the curb!


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