Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ode to OKLAHOMA Seasons

I know there are a lot of winter haters out there.  They are sick of the snow, ice and cold!!!! I know but..... I luuuuuv the seasons!  I think it is beautiful out, that my kids get to sled and that we have fun snow days and get to sleep in!  It makes us all slow down and stay home with our families.  My  young family already has so many obligations every night!  Any hoo, I get worn out on the heat when it is 104 in  the summer and I feel like I am about to melt!!!  I just make the best of it and go down to Lori's on the golf cart with the kids in my two piece!  I know I don't belong in a two piece but I am......... and I lay by her pool with her and fry!!!!  My allergies go nuts in the spring and I sneeze my head off! I still wouldn't change the climate here. I love it and I am so grateful that we get to see the beautiful leaves turn in the fall,  a white Christmas in the winter, beautiful spring flowers in the spring and fry in the extreme heat of the summer.  You don't get these seasons everywhere people!  Then again I am a notorious vacationer that does like to escape at times! lol!  I just want to say I love Oklahoma!  I love the seasons, the people and even our ugly city!  Thanks Lori for sending me this Gorgeous picture of your backyard cardinal!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sledding in the snow today

Bee Mine hanging canvas that I made for my mom. It was inspired by the great Lisa Bruno!
  I did make some fun things today, but can't post them yet since Ryan has got my neck hooked up to a stimulator gadget that my girlfriend the physical therapist Ryann game me! Thanks girl!  Any hoos, I am an over excited blogger now that wants to blog everyday.  Wait until next week and I will be over it!!! Ha!  Actually we will be skiing in Colorado!  (Doesn't sound good for my poor neck!) 
 I am excited to say that I have the house to MYSELF tonight!!!!!  Kids are at Nana's and Ryan is in a poker tourny at his buddy Steve's.  So therefore, I have time in the quiet to ponder this blog.
Things I need to figure out for this blog: 1. How do I get my flicker page on here. 2. How do I put sites on here that I want to share and 3. how do I share books I love like I see on the side of other's blogs?  I will have to keep investigating.  So far (in the last 3 days) I have had fun getting to know new friends and share a side of me others may not know about.  I get passionate about a lot of things!  I get way into cooking one year, exercise the next, scrapbooking the next and now crafting!!!  When I say passionate, I mean crazy about it!!  ha ha!  I do not have a favorite book, color, song, friend, or movie!!!! I love so many of everything!  I need to get passionate about housekeeping though! 
I am really excited that one of my favorite artist from Georgia, Catherine Moore, visited my site!!!!!! She even made a comment and my heart about jumped out of my chest!  Now I just want to go make more paper dolls so she will look again!!!!!  My other favorite artists Holly, Robin, Nan, Jemelia, and Donna have been such a great support on getting me going on this silly blog!  Thanks girls!!!! Love you all!  It has been so fun sharing with soooooo many supportive friends and family too! Hugs and Kisses!!!
I may go look now in my pictures on the computer and see if I can find any art to post!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Closer pic of the film strip

Snow Day Valentine constructions inspired by Holly:)

This garland is a small one made out of cupcake papers and some glittered hearts. The box is a movie themed Valentine box for Maranda. It was just a little $2 box from hoblob, paper, glittered M, Black and white of Maranda, a two birds in a pod movie ticket, white crepe paper, and some Tim Holtz movie strip (look close to see it on top of the box really cute!) I had fun making these before I crashed out on one tiny little muscle relaxer! My neck has been hurting since our ski trip and Ryan had me try one of his pills! It stole my whole day from me. I crashed out and slept most of the day away and my neck still hurts!!!! I don't think I had ever taken one before and will never take one agin! Ugggg Little life sucking out of you pill! So I will now be nocturnal and cruise the internet all night! (I really like exclamtion points tonight!!!!!) Geeeez!
I am excited ot have 11 followers. I am not sure how that works but it makes me feel special:)
I have enjoyed our snowed in Oklahoma loooong weekend. That takes me to the name of my blog that so many have snickered at as I told them (not all:). I have always loved the line in the song OKLAHOMA that goes "my honey lamb and I set alone and talk and watch the hawk makeing lazy circles in the sky." It was cute to me and goofy to some but it is stuck now (exclamation point!!!!!) lol I hope everyone enjoys my crafts. It is my therapy and shopping habit at this time in my life and I love it!!!!!! I hope you all enjoy:)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This was A LOT of fun today!!!! I got inspired by Pamela Garrison's garland! It was fun and easy. I decided to make some glittered stars to add for the extra sparkle!!
This is where I create all my nonessentials. It is quite the mess right now because I have at least 7 projects going at once.

I made this little art display area out of a gold frame I painted red, a ceiling tile, and some brown satin fabric.

This one was really fun too. I made this for my girlfriend Tina! She may be my favorite!

These are a few of my favorite things!!!

This is one of my beloved Catherine Moore's paper doll stamps that I made for my girlfriend Kasey for her birthday! I stayed up until midnight embellishing her her to death. I always have a knack of over doing it!
Great day to stay in and work on figuring out this blog thing that I was dying to start!!!  I need Holly to wake up and advise me (really Brian)lol!  Anyway, I can't wait to start posting my thoughts and crafts.  Most of my crafts are so far from a class or at least inspiration of a class.  I have bought pretty much everything the multimedia art world has to offer.  As soon as Ryan does the check book, I'm sure he will expect me to be selling art for millions to pay for all this crap. Now I just need to be in the basement creating and off the computer!
I wish I could figure out this header thing, but I am sure it is meant to drive me nuts a little longer.  If only I would have kept up my computer skills after taking on the roll of mommy!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can't quite figure out the header!!!!
Ok!  I figured it out!!!!   Yea big plans yet wandering in the dark too!!!!