Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break 2012

As much as I fought it, I ended up in Angel Fire at my parent's vacation home to ski.  I had wanted to just hang out around the house with nothing to do but work in my art journal here at home.  However, my folks took our boys on the Thursday before school was out and then after a few days later I realized I would probably have to go fetch them!!!  I took my in-laws and off to New Mexico we went.

 My Daddy, Steve

Maranda and Annalyn had fun with their new skiing wigs!

Maranda has been to ski school the last couple of years.  This year we took her up the mountain and realized that she has no fear!

(I had fun using instagram!)  The kids loved making smores in the fireplace at Nana and Papa's.

This was quite a sight with all our boots and coats!

My Gabe does not ski (which drives everyone crazy).  Anyway, he still loves playing in the snow and going tubing.

Grandad and Luke got a lot of fun time in together too!

I had to stop and take a picture of the view on this run.

We ate lunch at Sunset grill everyday with PaPa.

Maranda and Annalyn on the ski lift.

Skiing and snowball fights:)

The cabin is a beautiful grey log cabin in the aspens.  We all love spending time there!

It snowed on us everyday.  It was great for skiing.

I loved this gnarly brush.  My sister thought I was crazy and said it was only brush a brush mother could love.

My man drove up a couple of days later. I was happy to see him!

We took the heathens to the country club for dinner one night.  

My parents and in-laws have been great friends as long as Ryan and I have been married.  They have fun traveling together.

We danced to what ever the pianist was playing that night.

My Gabey is so sweet!

These two get along at times:)  So glad my kids all have each other.

Maranda loves her daddy!

So after a fun trip, I was so glad to have been making memories with my family at the cabin instead of sitting at home all week like I had planned!

I love my family!!!