Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sugar Eggs at Paxton Farm's

This was one of my favorite art projects!  The sweet and most beautiful Cherryl Paxton prepared the eggs because they take awhile to set up.  We got to decorate the inside then ice the rest.  It was so fun and I realize my cake decorating skills were lacking.  We all chose little chicks in a nest to put inside.  Cherryl hand made all types of beautiful flowers for us to use.   I loved Leslie's purple flowered egg.  Leslie seemed to have had a knack for this.  I am hoping she picks it up so we can make more next year!!!

  Cherryl's house was also amazing.  The fountain was from the Tuttle Methodist Chrch from the late 1800's.  Misti is so fortunate to have a family with so many heirlooms,  albums with all their families genealogy and such a great mother in law to invite us all in.  I can't wait to make another sugar egg!  Thanks Cherryl.  You are an amazingly thoughtful and sweet person!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Holly's Last Hoorah!!!!

I don't know if it was actually our last hoorah before this baby gets here but it is gettting really close!!  We had been wanting to go down to the Clover Leaf store in Ardmore for some time.  We finally got a chance today and took Marnada with us. Maranda was really good (except for when she wasn't lol!!).  We always have great conversation.  We discussed all the varietis  of apples, art, Richard Prince at the Guiginheim and A LOT of stuff that "never leaves this car!" lol  We founds some great millinery at a huge antiques store too!  Then my sweet 8 and a half month pregnant friend Holly kept two of my kids for an hour before taking them across the street from Holly to my nephew's birthday party.  Happy Birthday Colby!!!  I went to Luke's baseball game.  Today was so fun though and my heart is still beating fast from all the fun and beautiful things we saw!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CrAZy eGg LaDY!!!!

I have gone absolutely crazy over decorating paper mache eggs!!!!  I saw some on other girls blogs and tried to make some of my own and then went off the deep end with them! I used old sheet music for my first ones, moved on to gold leafing and now used Jackies idea with cheese cloth and gold leafing!!! Maranda had to get in the pictures while crawling on the table when she should have been in bed!!!  Wish I could control the flash but hoping to have a photo session soon with Charlie and Todd to help me use my camera:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Robin's Heart (many meanings)

I am greatful for so many things in my life.  One of my blessings that is so near and dear to my heart besides my spectacular family (inlaws included), are my FRIENDS!!!!  I love having girlfriends!!!  I notice not all women have the need to have close girlfriends and that is ok.  I though, love having great trustworthy, thoughtful and fun friends!  I think I get this from my sweet Grandma Susie.  Recently I have found my creative outlet in a whole new artistic world.  In that world are hilarious, sweet and amazing friendships I had never expected!  I can go on and on about each and everyone of these girls but the one I want to point out today is Robin.  She is talented, witty, beautiful and extremely intellingent.  She is also one of the most considerate girls I have met. At Holly's shower Robin pulled me to the side to give me the most thoughtful, creative and unique gift.  After reading on my blog about my heart attack and getting to go to D.C. to speak on behalf of AHA, she said she felt moved to make this amazing piece of art for me!!!  I teared up and was so flattered that as a new friend she thought of me.  Not only that, but she spent so much time creating this for me.  It is now on display with all my crosses.  (I felt that was the fitting place for it.)  I hope all my new artist friends Holly, Nan, Lesia, Maura, Lisa, Jemelia, Jackie, Donna and Robin know that I love them to death, and am so glad that I have found them!   I have so many other great friends that make my life so wonderful that I cherish just as much, and they know who they are:) I may just have to blog about each and everyone of them!!!  Thank you God for the bond I share with all my girlfriends!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Holly's Shower

IT WAS AMAZING that almost everyone we invited to Holly's shower came!!!! It was so fun!  She is so loved and received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts!!!  So many girls made things too!!!  Amy, Holly's sister, and I fretted over the blizzard that blew through yesterday.  It was great that the snow cleared so that we could go on with the show.  This has been a fun, cold and sad weekend.  Early Saturday morning Ryan's Grandad,  Dr. Elbert Overholt, passed away.  It was such a difficult time.  Then we got stuck at home with the blizzard that came through.  (Being snowed in yesterday was a great excuse for Ryan and I to watch "New Moon" in the basement!!!)  Now Ryan is packing to leave for Oman and I am sad again.  I didn't get pics of all the wonderful gifts since they were all packed up.  I was able to pull a few things out of sacks to snap a few shots.  Robin made an amazing journal, Jemelia made 4 cute bibs,  Lori made some adorable onsies (which I couldn't find to get a pic),  and Amy made corsages and I am not sure who all gave what else since I was jabbering away with everyone!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So glad to be back home!!!  What a crazy busy week.  I had a great time in D.C. with Kasey but that feels like weeks ago now.  I loved having a weekend with my Ryan and the Shepherd's in Austin at the David Gray concert.  Ryan got us balcony seats because we decided we are too old to stand up the whole time!!! lol  We ate at a great crab boil joint too!  I know it is so wrong being from OK saying this but here it goes...... Austin and the UT campus are sooooo cool!!!  I know I could get stoned at the next OU football tailgating, but I am willing to take the risk. lol!  I was however excited to get home to finish up my Gabrielle Messina knock off eggs. ;) I ordered one from her and loved it too.  I have had fun getting these all fixed up for friends, sisters, and myself!!!  Looking forward now to Holly's baby shower and all the girls coming over!!!