Thursday, July 1, 2010

Edward, Jake, Bella, Margarita's and Bloody Mary's

OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was sooooooo good!  My heart is still racing.  Eclipse was so wonderful and true to the book.  I know I always made fun of all the Star Wars people because I am not, but now I am a Twilight person and I get it!!!  Kasey (a regular on here) and I went to the 5:00 show yesterday.  Now I have read  all the books and I will not even tell you how many times Kasey has read the books (3 X's shhhhhh:).  Anyway, in her expert opinion it stayed 99% true to the book.
Yes we are wearing our "New Moon" wolf girl and vampire girl shirts from walmart!
Me and the gang hanging out in front of the theater.

Kasey goes to the theater as soon as tickets go on sale and gets us our same seats in the balcony.  We ordered wings, pizza, bloody mary's (surprisingly great at the theater) margaritas and Dr. Peppers!  So fun!
I love when the theater gets into it and cheers and claps. So fun to be part of the craze. 

 If you "don't get it" or you "are not into vampire's," then I totally don't get it! lol  It is such a great love story. I think everyone making fun of us women who LOVE IT forget that when men are so into all their  movies (star wars etc.), golf tournaments, video games, fights, football, etc. and they get all excited that that is ok.  So, give us girls a break if we want to get excited about something that doesn't matter once in awhile!! ;)  I am sorry for rolling my eyes honey when you have to watch golf tournaments and I get annoyed! 

It was awesome and I had so much fun with Kasey!!!!


  1. Well I'm not into vampires but I DO get it ... and I'm happy ya'll had such a great time!

    Ohhh Kolache's..mmmm mmmm yummeee ...but it better be a cloche party because I am trying to lose some poundage here ...:)) then I can drop the double chin (I hope).

    sigh well I neeeeed another 'puter but it isn't in the budget for now.
    (()) OH OH OH I want to say i LOVE your blog header and page ... I WANNNNT it toooo !
    (()) (())

  2. It was soooo much fun!! I'm so glad we finally had some play time this summer!! I wish people would understand that the "vampire" theme is secondary to the true heart of this story. It's just an absolutely amazing love story!! That's why so many people can connect with it....because (most)everyone has had that feeling of first love. Can't wait for the next movie!!!! :):):)

  3. WHAT?! Are you telling me that you actually have balcony seats in a movie theatre?! AND you get to eat wings, drinks, and pizza?! That's it. I'm moving.

    Yippi-YI! Yippi-Yi! Yippi-Yi! Yippi-YI!

  4. Glad to hear you had great time. My daughter went yesterday with her friend and enjoyed it. I tried, but just could not get into the books or the movies. I just finally watched New Moon on Tuesday. I'll probably see this one when my daughter puchases the DVD (which I'm sure she will).

  5. Ohhh I wish I could've been there! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO into Twilight too...ahhhh....Edward!!!! I'm glad to hear it stayed true to the book. I have to wait a month before it gets here in England. dang!

  6. Thank you SweetPea! I'm doing a bead swap with Cassandra. she is one talented gal.
    I would email you but I can't open windows to get your email addy , sigh.

  7. Girl... I get it... and I love Twilight... but you need to get the series by J.R. Ward entitled The Black Dagger Brotherhood... OH MY!! Talk about good vampire love stories... and "adult", too.... eh hemm!!! tee hee hee!! Let me know when you get your read on... you are going to L.O.V.E.


  8. Well, I guess I could be convinced to sit through that stuff w/alcohol! It looks like you gals had the best time!

  9. Ok Jemelia that is funny! If you want to go and sit in the balcony with me while we drink bloody mary's and margarita's I am in!!!

  10. Oooooh. Let's do that sometime. You are so dang photogenic by the way.

  11. You know... I have never read or seen any of them. I guess I really need to try it! IF I do it will be because of you my friend. :) Do you think I should start with the book or just JUMP into the movies? Glad you're back & that you had soooooooo much fun. HUGS! Charlene

  12. Funny! I'm not into vampire... but Bryanna is! Totally. so, I hear a bunch of vamp/supe talk from her. Parts of it is exciting, but not enough to make me go see the movie or read the book. LOL I will admit, I did see the 1st movie last year. Watched it with my daughter & I really like it. but still need to catch the other two. It will probably take me another 5 years. LOL

    hugs, joanna

  13. I get it and I'm 55 years old. Love the vampire thing. I love your blog. check mine out, become a friend, as I don't have many. Chris

  14. I get it! I get it! I get it!!!
    I actually say to them, I am NOT into vampires either!!! this is more than just vampires.... it's a love story. I didn't want to read Twilight, but my friend insisted. It took me no time at all, and I was at her doorstep asking for New Moon. I've read all of them twice over, and ready for number three. I lost my Bree Tanner book though, lol!
    I too used to giggle about the Star Wars fans out there. But this time, I was there, watching all three one after the other, Eclipse at its first midnight showing... and I've never done that for any other movie before. That's gotta say something, surely?!


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