Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jill swap

Jill can pack a box!!!!
Last week I received a wonderful stuffed box from my very awesome blog friend Jill at Bucks County Folk Art.  Jill and I comment and email each other constantly and thought we would do our own special Red, White, and Blue swap.

Jill carved.....yes I said carved this patriotic Santa spool for me!  I mean who carves?!?!?  Jill does!! Amazing!  I love him and he is one of my favorite possessions now!  Love him!
All kinds of goodies that I have many   plans for.  

My petticoats and parasol friends from Savannah wheels will be turning    when they see this pic of a tiny      parasol  and fan:)

Jill knows that I have a fettish for all laces!  These are gorgeous:)

Love all beads:)
Sorry Jill, I did not get as great of pics as you did.  This is just the 3rd time I have tried to post it! lol
It is always fun to connect with someone in blog land and Jill has been such a sweet friend.  I love you Jill and all the great goodies!  If you want to see better pics of our swap, check Jill out.  She just finished sculpting a gorgeous santa.  The girl has skills!


  1. Actually, I think YOUR pics are better! Truly, I'm no photographer.

    By the way, how do you do those links? (Like the purple Jill or Bucks County Folk Art)? I have no idea how to do it and would love to learn the trick. When it comes to computers, I may as well be Amish.

    There are more swaps to be had!

    Love ya!


  2. Wow, what a greeat swap! LOVE the carved spool, you are right, who carves?! I'm so impressed.

    Please join us for FrenchGardenHouse's Belgian Linen GIVEAWAY!~Lidy

  3. Amazing!!!!! I never have known anyone with those skills!


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