Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trying to Sew

Sew we tried.
Leslie and I decided to try and sew a scraps and threads bag last night. 

 We drug everything out on my dining room table.  We opened the        pattern and saw that we needed plastic mesh, muslin, batting and      velcro.  We had none of that! lol!  All we had was our fabric.

So instead, we decided to use our fancy new feet and make stitches and  ruffles.

Don't we look cute in our new reading glasses? LOL!  

I love my new Ellure Baby Locks machine:)


  1. You are so funny! Love the glasses and I know it has to help having them on............Hope your bags turn out when you get all the supplies you need. If you lived closer I had all that stuff and you could of had a great time creating together. I hate it when I sit down to do something and I don't have all the supplies. It always happens late at night or just after I have been out all day thinking I have everything and I sit down to work and missing something! Oh well sometimes it is in your favor because you can use other materials and it works. Other times it's a flop. Good Luck!

  2. LOVE the specs! I have been thinking of getting one of the Baby Locs. I have an OLD sewing machine & I haven't used it much until lately. I tried to get a tule skirt made for the event but, Hubby blew that. It's half done. One thing I hate about a sewing machine is having it set up until you finish. It just seems to make a messy area. Maybe I should move it to another room & then I might leave it up more. ???? HUGS! Charlene

  3. The glasses look great. I have gotten ready to sew stuff and then to open the pattern to find out I have nothing I need. So annoying. But it looks like you made lemonade out of lemons! Can't wait to see the bag once to get all your new supplies. (See at least you have a good excuse to go shopping!!!!!)

  4. Shelley, you two actually look really good and smart in your glasses! I used them too but don't look that good. Happpy sewing!

  5. Ya'll are tooooo cute ! But honestly you are way to young to need those glasses, fess up :))

    I really have to dig my way to my sewing machine.


  6. You look super cute in your glasses and football T-shirt, Shelley! I wanna take that class!


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