Monday, September 6, 2010

end of summer trips

Running Around

I love my family and friends!  I have not been able to balance all my blog posting and reading lately because I have been running around having fun:)
 We stayed at the Wynn with some of our traveling friends.  We were there when Paris Hilton got busted and missed the whole dang thing!!
 There were 12 of us and we ate a late dinner at Smith and Wolinskies.
 We rented a cabana and hung out in the pool at the Wynn the whole 2nd day!  So fun!!  Love you Tina!!! ;)
 Went to the Michael Buble concert and almost sat at the very top!  Thank goodness for the big screens.  I love his concerts and had already caught one in OKC a few years ago:)
 We were all needing a big breakfast by the pool.  We had already had two long nights.
 When we got back home a couple of days later, my friend Leslie's daughter Jess and son in law Wes (like family to us) had the most beautiful baby girl in the world.  Maranda and I got to see Miss Lily Suzanne and love all over her:)
 Then Friday afternoon my sisters, husbands and I loaded up the kids and left for Angel Fire to see our parent's new cabin.  It is a pretty cabin that Momma has plans for big landscaping.  Can't wait to see what she does with boulders and wild flowers!
 This is a picture of all the cousins after their bear an elk hike!
 Super Hero posing!
 The living room clean before the kids ran through it:)
 It has three suites and this is the one that I stayed in.
This last pic is from Vegas too.  It is my sister Stacie, girlfriend Courtney and I.  Apparently we were in a limo at 3:00 in the morning! lol!

This is where I have been lately.  I have missed keeping up with all my girlfriends on their/your blogs.  I am ready to get with it on crafting again.  I am headed to two sewing classes with Leslie tomorrow!  She actually has 3 sewing classes.  I am skipping one!  We are crazy!


  1. What a GORGEOUS cabin!!! I can't wait to see what momma does with the landscaping, too!!!

    You are having one fantabulous summer, girl! I know you don't sleep, so won't even ask. Always look forward to your ya!

  2. Maranda looks so precious holding that baby. You can tell that makes her feel big. Darling. And yes that cabin will be so much fun for your family. It looks so great. You are a girl who says a big YES to life. It is great to have your influence in my own life.

  3. Looks like a blast to me! The cabin is beautiful and I can't believe all those people at the concert. Have a wonderful week. xo Lynn

  4. Wow! Looks like you have been having an absolute blast - good for you!

  5. SO cool! Show us what you make at sewing class!! :o)

  6. ok Shelley...I've figured out ONE thing after reading your last five or so posts...



    I'm so happy to hear/see that you are having so much fun and living life!!! That's the way it should be!!!! :)
    Your trip looked like so much fun and I'm in love with the goodies you received from your swap :)

    As for your ribbon work, that is my next project...I want to learn how to do that too!!!
    It's beautiful :)))


    Sounds like you've been having lots of fun on top of that busy schedule!

    Thanks for your messages. OK, I went ahead and added some pics of me to my blog pics, but ew! Despite being a ham, I HATE...or worse...dread getting my picture taken!

    Talk soon baby-cakes!

  8. Hi Shelley!

    Wow! what beautiful pics! I don't blame you for not having time to blog. I would rather be where you Looks like you had a blast. Good for you! Wish I could do that! lol
    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed visiting you as always.
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  9. Shelley,
    You just keep finishing off the last of these nice days by having fun. Looks like you have had a lot of it...good job!

    We are off to Croatia and Prague on Sunday. I don't feel ready at all but...hey...we will have what we have. As long as I don't forget the passports!


  10. Oh, it all looks wonderful. I love those cream umbrellas with the black trim, so pretty there. That baby is GORGEOUS and so tiny and sweet! I need to snuggle her!

  11. Uhm, that last comment was from Holly, NOT Brian. I was logged in to his account on accident. Oopsy! LOL!

  12. Looks like you are having a blast!!!! LOVE that cabin. I bet you didn't want to come home. Thanks for the sweet comment about my photo change on my blog. I wondered who would notice. It was at the cocktail party at Les Sirenes. I would love for us to get together. I am hoping to make it up in a month or so once hubby is released to travel. He is already bored staying at home but, he wears out really fast. HUGS! Charlene

  13. You've been to some fabulous places, and I'd like to volunteer to help you with your luggage and other miscellaneous tasks next time you travel, if you can make sure I have my own room....Your parent's cabin is fabulous. That must be a very inspiring place to visit.

  14. Okay honey, I am giving you my honorary title (bestowed on me by a girlfriends mama many years ago) of Ramblin' Rosie ... you have earned it just like I did :))
    It's a wonderful life indeed and I'm happy you are livin' it large.

  15. What a fabulous way to be spending your time! You sure have been busy doing super fun stuff!!

  16. GIRL! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! I mistakenly deleted all my emails and no longer have your direct line. *sniff*

    Come visit my blog when you get a chance, I finally took the plunge!



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