Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rosette Swap


I just got my TWO BIG BOXES from my swap partner Caleen!   My friend Misti was here to witness and even join in on the masacre of the two postal boxes.  The swap was hosted by Jill at the Gypsy Brocante (check out my rosette button to see more of the swap)!  Thanks Jill!
There was every type of rosette imaginable!  I love the one in the middle here that looks to be cut from an old quilt.
Look at all the extra vintage jewelry pieces, laces, bag and trims!
This GORGEOUS "Bryanna" necklace is outstanding!
Crazy in love with this lace bag with all the rosettes and bling on the top:)
Check out this scarf she made too!  Leslie came over to see it all and I think she almost snuck off with it!

Thank you Caleen!  You are amazing and my heart is still pounding from your generosity!

BTW   The sad thing is that it was my Gabe's 7th birthday and he saw these boxes and thought they were all his! lol!  He made out like a bandit at his party though!

I sent my partner Lynn .....
a cuff 
 and a couple of brooches.


  1. Wow, Shelley, you hit the jackpot! That scarf is gorgeous! I love the linen looking brooch you made.

  2. Love it all! You did hit the big time girl!

  3. WOW those things are beautiful..you have really talented and generous friends! Lucky you! I especially love the rosette necklace and the scarf...so pretty. Your friends are lucky as well to get all the wonderful things you send them..keep having fun..I love watching from afar!

  4. *Squeal!!! Seriously!! So much yummy cuteness!! What a great swap!!

  5. oh my goodness! I love the burlap brooch!!!! so many pretty rosettes!

  6. Hi.. It was such a fun swap and I really enjoyed suprising you with some fun things. I was happy to have you as a swap friend. You made some beautiful things too. Love the cuff bracelet and your rosette! I had a lot of fun. Have a lovely week and I will be back :)

  7. Thank yo also for such Sweet Words about me :) You are a dear and I appreciate it so much!

  8. What a lovely swap! Love the necklace!


  9. You truly hit the jackpot with your swap partner, Caleen! I want to bolt from the computer right now and get creating my own rosettes! I love the items you made, too. You always do a great job!

  10. Oh darn. Drool and urine. Gotta go...

  11. I'm fainting...get the salts, quick!!!

  12. Wow, you swap gifts are fab! Your swap gifts are wonderful as well. Swaps are so much fun!
    Thank you so much for your very kind comments on my blog today. I so appreciate it.

  13. what an amazing swap! looks like you had a great partner! Happy weekend. xo natalea

  14. That looks outstanding! What a great bunch of loot. You really got every flower in the book, Shelley! I love the cuff you made...it is very beautiful!

  15. Hey sweets,
    eeekkk you totally scored!!
    woo hoo.
    i love all the things you made too.
    so cute.
    have a great week

  16. Hi Shelley!

    My mouth was hanging the whole time! You have the prettiest things I have seen. And I looove the swap! OMG..she gave you so many pretty things. Love the roses for a necklace. What a treat. Hope you are enjoying Labor Day. I am off to a barbecue. Have a great day!
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  17. Shelly:
    Your swap partner was very generous! You received some wonderful rosettes and other goodies from her. What a talent. I really love the gifts you sent her, too. Your cuff is fabulous, girlfriend!

    Happy Birthday to your little man, too!


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