Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recent Projects

A few things I have been working on:)
I snatched up this sampler from Rebecca Ringquist when I saw it on a bunch of blogs.
I started it and got most of it done on our road trip to Colorado.  I just finished it on Friday evening when I had the house all to myself!  It was wonderful!!!:)
This is for a rosette swap I am in.  I used my hand died velvet ribbon that I got in San Diego at Paper Tales.  I love the ribbon and hated cutting it, but I think it looks great with it.
I put together the necklace from my French General Kit that I got for August.  It is very wine country:)
I am going to give this apron that I made in class to my mother in law today when we go to her lunch for August birthdays.  I hope she likes it!!!!


  1. I have been tempted to buy that sampler from RR, now, I must! I love the apron!

  2. Oh, Shelley, everything is fab! LOVE that rosette and that apron is grand!! Years ago and I'm talking 40 some I used to do needlework. Your sampler is beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful day today!


  3. Oh! Your rosette is so pretty! Who ever gets it is so lucky! Your sampler is so pretty - you have such patience!!

  4. I bought the same sampler and haven't started it yet. Now you have me motivated:D


    The rosette won my heart. I know what you mean about not wanting to cut the ribbon, but look how pretty it turned out. I sometimes hate using my favorite trims and and vintage pieces, but that's what they're there for!

    VERY, VERY well done!



  6. wow Shelley, I just adore that sampler you made! so much wonderful detail, I stared at it for ages, finding lovely little things constantly.
    your rosette is divine :) xo

  7. Your stitch work is amazing. I can't stitch a straight line to save my life!!! Apron-gorgeous. Necklace-vintage beauty! Rosette-love it of course....You're so talented. :o)

  8. Oh my gaw Shelley, really. How do you do it all and have three kids. Sheez, I thought I was productive then I meet you and Jackie! I am a sloth it turns out. Your embroidery is on another level!

  9. Shelly you are constantly outdoing your last project. You make me want to pick up some of my needle work...IF only I could seeee it LOL


  10. And who wouldn't love every little thing you just showed us!!!! Adorable! I just signed up for Teresa McFaden's Embroidery EZine. Hope I do as wonderful a job on my things as you do. Practice makes perfect right? HUGS! Charlene

  11. What great embroidery skills you have, my dear! And the rosette, necklace & apron are fabulous too!

  12. Such a nice embroidey!! Do you frame it?
    Cute vintage looking apron :)

  13. You are talented in SO many things!! If your MIL doesn't like that apron (How could she NOT?) Please tell her to pass it on to me! I love it!!

  14. Shelley,
    How do you do it with kids and all? You make such beautiful things and so many different things well. Maybe if I keep going to Silver Bella, I will be as gifted as you, right? NOT!
    I will take great pleasure in watching your work!

  15. Shelley you are a machine, like I have said in previous comments. Oh to be young like you again. I love all the new samplers you have made and I love the apron you made for Cindy. She will LOVE it!
    So sorry to hear about your other dog. You have had a rough summer!

  16. hey sweets.
    eekk i love this sampler.
    you did a great job.
    hope all is well
    have a great weekend.
    see ya in september.

  17. Hey Shelly O-Oh-Oh! Oh my you have been a very busy girl! The sampler is great and you know I'm lovin' that necklace! I'm transitioning into the jewel tones and fall colors with my jewelry making too!


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