Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ribbon embroidery

Ribbon Embroidery 

 I am so loving trying to learn how to do ribbon embroidery:)  I have learned a few new little rosettes and realize that I still have a lot to learn!
The problem is that the ribbon is soooooo stinking expensive!  I need to learn to dye it myself.  All I need are more art projects! lol!


  1. That's so pretty, Shelley!! Oh, yeah, I know all about expensive! Miniatures are not CHEAP. What type of ribbon do you use? Silk? Size? 2mm 4mm? I have several places that I purchase it from for my dolls. I don't know if it's cheaper or not.


  2. Shelley I was digging thru my xstitch basket and guess what I found???? Several ribbon embroidery kits for pins and for tiny purses !
    I know you will be making beautiful things.

  3. Shelley, you just don't stop. I have always wanted to do this but spend more time thinking about what I want to do and looking at pictures. You seem to do all of them! You are doing a great job with this. I tried is once and it is not so easy!

  4. Really pretty and it is coming along beautifully. Don't stop.. Good for you for trying new things. :) Have a lovely week :)

  5. Beautiful work! Ribbon embroidery has been on my list of things I'd like to do for a long time now.
    Do you use silk ribbon?

  6. I have always loved ribbon embroidery. I would love to give it a little try. Oh how we need a day o' adult girl crafty fun!

  7. That is so pretty...you amaze me. :o)

  8. You are Queen of Many projects!! I love that you are trying EVERYTHING!! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

  9. Pretty as always!!!!! My friend Pat does amazing ribbon embroidery. I just can't seem to sit still long enough to try. The gift that Marsha & Donna sent was so sweet. Both of them are dears! Enjoy. HUGS! Charlene

  10. Why not Shelley..........you are the energizer bunny!
    Love to ribbon embroider and if I can find my books I will get them out and you can use them...........now if I remember where I put them?????????????????

  11. I love ribbon embroidery and your's is beautiful! Makes me want to do some, too.


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