Saturday, August 7, 2010

Family Vacation

Colorado Family Vacation
Colorado is always the most beautiful place on earth to me!  My parents took us every summer for vacation and every winter to ski.  It is truly two totally different Colorado's each season. My sister Stacie and her family went with mine to the Springs last week.  It was so much fun!  The kids had a ball fishing, hiking, exploring caves, swimming, eating, finding deer, going to museums , dancing, going to the zoo and room service!   Stacie and I had a great time chasing the kids while our hubbies went golfing three times!  Jerks ;)  It was so beautiful at Ryan's late Grandad's cabin which is now the Overholt's family cabin.  It was fun waking up to deer every morning.  After a few days, we went to the Broadmoor resort which was one of the nicest places we had ever been!  
Making a camp fire outside of my husband's family cabin.
 So nice to be chilly after frying in OK!
 How pretty is this cabin?!?!
 Touching a T Rex bone at the museum!!!
 Getting rained on!
 Two of my guys at the cookout.
 Fire, beer and bb guns!  How safe is this?!? lol!
 At the Broadmoor hotel :)
 Our Fancy Nancy room!  Our little diva loved it! :)
 Two spoiled kids in the cabana we rented for the afternoon.
 This was an amazing beach entry infinity pool that ran off to the lake.  Ahhhh!
 One of the views from the cabana.
 Heading out to a casual dinner.
This was the greatest thing to my kids.  ROOM SERVICE!  Their daddy spoiled them each night ordering cheese cake, brownies and ice cream.  They thought they were at the Tipton (Suite Life of Zach and Cody lol!).


  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun!!! What a fab bed!


  2. How fun! I love Colorado too. That pool that goes into the lake is amazing. Is it an infinity pool next to the lake?

  3. Ah, shoot. Just lost my whole post. I have two sil's and family in Colorado Springs and spent some great time there...both seasons. When we were younger, our best friends lived in Vil. Boy, were we spoiled! i sat next to Robert Redford at dinner! the next table.

    You are so fortunate to have a cabin. It looks incredible and I bet it will hold a ton of family for some very cool vacations. I love the deer, too. Many people hate the beautiful things because they eat all their gardens. How can one hate Bambi?


  4. Oh how fun! We were kicking around the idea of spending our Thanksgiving in Colorado. Hey, I didn't know you are in OK - we are neighbors!

    Ya'll have fun, ya hear!

  5. Shelley!!!!!
    I've NEVER been to Colorado until now...

    How cool that ya'll have your very own family cabin...totally story book!!! :)

    As for the hotel, it is FANCY! So happy that the kids were spoiled, ya'll have made such awesome memories they will never forget.

    So glad ya'll had a safe trip and I'm happy you're back :)))))

  6. Oh that looks AMAZING! I would love Colorado it looks like...and that cabin--MY GOSH! More like a mansion!

  7. What a fun vacation!! My Dad's family moved to Colorado Springs when I was about 6, and also had a cabin in the mountains at one time. I remember going there and to the Broadmore just to see it (never stayed there). Only got to visit them a few times as a kid. Now we love to visit Colorado to ski. Breckenridge is our spot.

  8. What a beautiful cabin ! How wonderful to have a Daddy that will spoil you so well :))
    Looks like everyone had a great time.


  9. Yowza, that hotel looks amazing. How about a girl's trip destination! How nice for you all to get away together. Gorgeous cabin.


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