Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Big Surprise Party!!! Nana is 60!!!

Momma is 60 on Monday and we had a big surprise party with a lot of her girlfriends, sister, daughters and granddaughters! We had all the ladies meet at a church and pile into two limos.

She came out the side door and      started crying!

 The two limos at my folks house

She had fun looking in the cars to see who all was coming!

 This was her corsage from the Flower Boutique.  I love the tiny roses.

We went to the wonderful and beautiful Nona's for brunch in Bricktown.

My sisters, mom, nieces and daughter

Stacie, Sue, mom in law Cindy, Maranda and I
All the gals

Maranda posing in her beautiful JemJam party dress!!

 Avis, the owner of Nona's, came up and told Moma happy birthday too!!:)

We had quiche, bacon, fruit, muffins, mamosas and cake! So yummy!

Momma and her new Paula Deen book from Glenda.

My two pretty little sisters Stefanie and  Stacie.

Patty, Char and Dee rode with us from the church to pick up momma and then they had to get back to work at the Enchanted Cottage.

Ok so what I stayed up until midnight working on every night were all these flower pins that I had learned to make at Kaari Meng's class last week.  
I actually dyed fabric and ribbons to get the color I wanted.  I felt very Martha Stewart! 

The mess I had on the coffee table in the living room all week!
I had the pins to give as a favor at each of the ladies place settings when they arrived at Nona's.  They all put theirs on and I was flattered.  It was really fun to surprise momma.  When we got back to her house, she gave a tour! We then had to give the limos back before they turned into pumpkins!:( 
My mom really is an amazing woman with so many wonderful women in her life.  We should all be so lucky to be blessed with so many sweet girlfriends at the age of 60!  
I love you momma and happy happy birthday!!


  1. Oh Shelly what fun!!!! And what a great surprise for your Momma! LOVE the flowers! I would so love a mini class when I come visit. Hee Hee. And I was so surprised to see the sign Nonna's!!!! That is what my GRANDS call me. And that's how I spell it. A must for when I come that way. It would be so much fun to have my picture taken under that sign!

    Yes, I miss our fun time in Savannah. I have enjoyed doing my posts about it because it helps me feel some of the magic all over again. Where did you get that yummy necklace you wore to VENDOR NIGHT? Loved it. Talk to you soon & have a great Mothers Day! HUGS! Charlene

  2. You are a sweet daughter to have a special day for your Mom. Love the flower pins you made!
    Have a great Mother's later.

  3. Oh Shelley! What a beautiufl tribute to that gorgeous mama of yours. Those flowers are TDF! You are really something girl!

  4. Sad I couldn"t help with the flowers...soon I will be free again. Glad Mama had fun! Leslie

  5. Oh Shelley, what a BEAUTIFUL family you have...or course I shoulda KNOWN you would ALL be beautiful!
    What a fabulous birthday gift you gave your sweet mamma. Then to give those beautiful flower pins.... will you invite me next time? LOL

  6. shelley, looks like so much wild, crazy FUN!
    love your flowers, martha.............!

  7. yay shelley!it's priscilla! just thought i'd drop by and say hello!!! ur flowers came out beautiful. hugs always sunshine

  8. Are you guys OK after that terrible storm? How about Misty & Leslie? Hope so! I've been thinking of you & hoping you are safe. HUGS! Charlene

  9. OMG!!! what a fantastic day.
    how gorgeous are all you girls!!!
    what a fun day!
    i haven't listed the pink or aqua one.
    i think im keeping the cream one.
    did you like one of them?? let me know, before i list them, you can call dibs.


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