Friday, May 14, 2010

Go Red luncheon!

Go Red! 
This is the 3rd Go Red luncheon for me to attend.  I actually was one of the speakers at the luncheon a few years back.  I wanted to run up there and grab the mic to tell my story again this time!!  (ok this is the part where my life long friends nod off because they have heard it all many times before!!!)  Anyway, I had a heart attack coming up on 3 years in July.  I had just finished a sprint triathlon and 5 hours later had the attack!  I have a really funny story about the whole episode. I have spoken to different groups, the go red luncheon, a spread in Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine, a local tv station interviewed me on set about my story, and I have been flown to D.C. this year to speak to our congressmen in their offices on Capitol Hill!  Who would have thought my heart attack would give me so many opportunities to share about woman's number one killer!
(as usual I have bad quality pics)
This is Anna Miss Oklahoma International.  She was super sweet and she and her mom sat at our table.
I was really glad that Holly and Leslie both got to come to the luncheon.


  1. Good for you. You and Holly look beautiful, you need sashes!

  2. I know! I want a sach too and lucky for me I am crafty!!! lol

  3. We may have held her off the stage, but the audience would have loved to heard Shelley! She has a great story!! Thanks for the invite!! Leslie


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