Sunday, May 2, 2010

Name dropping to the 10th power!

Jemellia snapped this of Rene and I working hard in Kaari's millinery flowers classs.

These are the two flowers I finished in class!  I had so much fun hand stitching these with Jemellia, Rene and Rachel!  Kaari was a really fun teacher, and I was glad to take both of her classes!!!

Kaari Meng and I 

This is Kaari Meng, Marcia Ceppos and Wendy Addison signing our books.  I forget to get a picture of Mary Engelbreit signing though:(

More name dropping........these are all the books I have bought in the last two weeks that I had signed minus Jo Peckham's!  lol  To tell you the truth,  I wasn't familiar with half of these people until this week!  Jemellia had to give me a little tutorial when we got there! Ha!


Sweet gifts from Jemellia

Thank you for all your help keeping my kids momma, Stacie, Leslie and Misti!


  1. So good to see you!! I'm glad we had more time together this weekend!!! See you again soon I hope!

  2. thanks for taking my class! a treat to meet you!

  3. Well Miss Shelley it looks like it has been a whirl wind couple of weeks for glad you had so much fun and got caught up on all the name dropping..ha ha! Are you home for a while girl?

  4. Looks like you guys had a ball!! Love the beauties you made.....when are you having a class to teach all of us left back in OKC?.....hope to see you soon Shelley!!


  5. Listen to you! All of your photos are great! To answer your question, YES, I do take bad photos... tee-hee

    Sherry Williams has the proof. She has 3 that she is holding for blackmail purposes. LOL

    So, did you know that Bryanna & I are wanting to plan a trip to come see our Oklahoma girls??? :)


  6. This looks like so much fun. There are so many great conferences this year.

    More name dropping...i am following friends of Robin's :-) and other people I like.looking for fun blogs My daughter and I just started a blog a short time ago and would love to have you visit. Our address is...

    It really isn't all about our jewelry...that's just the name we had to settle for!

  7. All of your projects are so pretty. And you look gorgeous, girl! Looks like it was so much fun!

  8. Shelley, enjoyed your photos. Wasn't it at GREAT time? Can't wait till next year!

  9. shelley,
    so fun to see you tonite...
    it sure looks like a great time to me.
    love your bracelet, love your flowers...
    when are you going to teach us a thing or 2...?
    AND, love your sweet smile.


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