Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Craziness!!!

I am just as busy as usual, but at home!  I have had fun playing with the kids this week and actually cooking dinner and eating at the kitchen table (and even once at the dinning room table) all week!!! The kids have loved playing in the sprinkler, driving the golf cart by  themselves, and spending time with dad and mom both at home.  I have been crafting, but it is a surprise so I will share later.  I am really in the mood to sew a bag.  After going to Mary Englebreit last week and meeting Amy Butler,  I bought one of her patterns for a bag.  Jemellia sews so many great things and I want to too!!! I used to sew a little when I was younger and want to pick it up again.  My surprise craft involves hand stitching so my kids have felt the need to sew too.  They did an ok job but loved it!  If anyone cares, Mary Englebreit put a picture of Jemellia and I one her blog :)
Happy belated birthday to Leslie!!! We have all been so busy that we have not been able to celebrate.  We will make up for it next week (I HOPE!!!).


  1. So great to see kiddos in their summer getups playing in the water! Seemed like winter would NEVER end... Sending good vibes out to your sewing machine! I seem to jinx every one that i touch, ugh!

  2. CUte photo! You're a star! Tell Leslie I said Happy Birthday!

  3. Do you require sleep? You get as much done as the army I think. Have a great weekend!

  4. Ahhh how sweet. Sounds similar here. My little one is enjoying his kiddy pool, and I too have cooked a dinner or two. Which frightened my husband. He wondered when I was going to "lay it on him" cause surely either something was wrong or I wanted something lol. Neither where the case lol.

  5. You ladies are all so lucky to have little ones at home and the sun as well. Mine are getting back from college in a couple of weeks and we just had the worst storm ever. Anyway, it all looks like so much fun and I am living vicariously through you. I am so excited to see what your "secret" project is. I have been working on one as well inspired by Miss Dollybelle ;)

  6. I love these pictures of your beautiful, sweet kiddos. We need to get them all together to play a lot this summer.

  7. I wish I was a kid again having that kind of fun! You are such a good mommie. I bet the kids flock to your house...miss you!


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