Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I found a 1930's dress form in OKLAHOMA!!!!

Ok most anyone knows from their American history classes that Oklahoma is a fairly new state by comparison.   We were Indian territory so long.  (I am a little bit of a few tribes according to my grandparents:)  So my point is, we do not have all the really old amazing antiques you can find in a lot of other areas of our great country.  I have found an amazing antique store in Bethany, Ok that is quite the contrary though.  It is Norma Jeans!!! 
 I wanted a hard to come by dress form and she was my gal.  When I    asked her about it, she ran home  and came back with two of them.  I   fell in love with one of them and snatched her up right away. She has a beautiful hand made wooden post and base too!
 I love visiting antique stores when I get a chance while in different states because of  all the history you can learn   about that area.  (I love visiting the ones in Colorado.  They let you relive    people's history of such a      difficult life trying to survive in the  mountains.)
Anyway,  I being "Honey Lamb and   I" (a line from our state song     OKLAHOMA) found an amazing old bee hive that stands two feet tall.  It is to be put in a garden as a dome for bees to make a hive!  I had to have it and D'Ann gave it to me for 20% off!!  

I also found some other great buys with old Barbie paper dolls, china dolls, and breakfast tray.
I had a great time with Norma Jean, her daughter and D'Ann. My mom found some great buys too.  They were so sweet with my busy little girl roaming and having to touch EVERYTHING she saw while making me a nervous wreck!

Holly told me that I had to name my new dress form and so I did....... Juliet 


  1. OHHH you SCORED !!! I named my form Giselle, she is still in black velvet and lace ... guess I better get her out of those hot duds.


  2. Its fabulous! They are so hard to find - and often so expensive - lucky you!

  3. Wow - I am jealous! That is an awesome find!!


  4. I have driven by the new antique store a million times and never that you give it a thumbs up I will have to venture in and see what I can find. Love your Juliet!

  5. newbie here and you are so lucky to get a dress form, will check in to see what you do with it!! as for bee skep, be careful, mine rotted after a year outside, only in summer.grrrrr great blog. stop by and see me. hugs JoAnn S

  6. oh wow that is AWESOME! It is amazing! What a wonderful find!


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