Monday, June 28, 2010

Hummus and Ruffled Flowers

 As I sat here last evening with my sick kiddos, I decided to make some ruffled flowers.  I love making these flowers and they are so easy! 

 This morning I decided to make some hummus.  I made a batch for my family.  They usually devour it!  They devour everything though!
 I love the Barefoot Contessa and have always used her hummus recipe.
 Having my food processor makes everything easier!
 I made a special batch for one of my boys best buddies Jake. Jake broke his leg this weekend.  I hope he likes the hummus.  He is such a sweet boy and is now stuck on the couch for the rest of the summer:(


  1. I just left you a LONG comment on your sampler post! Adorable! Hope everyone is feeling better & no more Popcorn for your house! Nothing worse than pukie kids... well wait yes there is! Pukie Parents!!!! Love your flowers! Not so much the hummus. I just can't do that texture. So double the flowers & hold the hummus. I'm so glad you had a good vacation. HUGS! Charlene

  2. I love those flowers, your version is very pretty. I've tried those myself and found them to be fun but time-consuming. Your hummus looks awfully good too! I want to thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Now I can drink my coffee and spend some time here reading your older posts. Fun!


  3. Pretty flowers!!! I love that style - its so unique! I wish I could get my boys to eat hummus. Heck I wish I could get them to eat most of what I make - or at least eat it willingly. Not a night goes by does one of them (husband included) say they don't think they want to eat the dinner I am making. Sigh.......can't please all of them. ;)

  4. I love hummus and I don't know why I don't make it from scratch...thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Shelley, Your flowers are adorable!You are such a busy girl. Hope your family is better. Love ya, Sylvia

  6. I love Ina Garten too! (but don't you wonder why her parents would name her that???:))
    Can't say I'm wild about hummus tho...and poor Jake. I had to spend the summer inside once when I was a teenager and it was tough!


  7. You've made me very hungry...FOR HUMMUS!!! Can't stop eating it once we have it in the house! (Hope your son feels much better fun being on the sofa in the summer!!!)

  8. Gorg flowers---and what a night! I can't even imagine---puke fest! :o)

  9. I LOVE hummus, and Ina!!! How beautiful are your flowers??!! I need to learn to make them! I hope your family is feeling better. I would rather be sick than have my kids be ill.

  10. I love chickpeas, no matter what you do to them! Especially in Indian food.
    Hey summer is coming....and hummus is a great treat to serve now.

  11. Happy to have found your blog via the Inspire Co.
    I happened to enjoy some hummus today too with my boys for lunch! :-) Will have to try Ina's recipe some time...


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