Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Vacationing Embroidery Tin

When I saw that Amy Powers was working on a stitching kit, I got super excited!  She announced the day before that they were going to go on sale  the next morning and I was one of the first to jump on it!  I received it in no time, and showed it off to anyone that would look!  It was like getting  a treasure in the mail:)  It was hard but I waited to start it on  our way to California last Friday. 
On the tray in the airplane and working while
flying to San Diego.....
On the beach at the "Del" on Coronado Island......

Then we made it up to Laguna Beach and I dug it out again.
I know the beaches look the same but I promise they are different!
In our hotel room.....
Getting ready to fly out in the Orange County airport........
I finished up on the airplane on the way to Houston.  The flight attendant took my bag so I wasn't able to get my camera to get a picture finishing up!
In the Houston airport and eating some BBQ
It was soooo fun and I really feel like I barely worked on it! I loved having something to do in all our "down time." My bluebird in the bottom left hand corner looks more like a blue turkey!  lol!  Hoping that there will be another one to do in the future!!! Hint Hint Amy!!!!;)
BTW-those worried about me taking my needles and tiny scissors on the plane not to worry.  I had it checked out with the security lady and they were the correct travel size for the plane.  I was not that sneaky and am not a rule breaker. ;)


  1. Super cute!!! I might have to get myself one of those!!

  2. This is so nice!! You did such a great job. I love it!

  3. very cute! I'm inspired, going to check her out. Glad you had such fun!!

  4. Shelley, this was such a cute, fun post! Love it! It turned out so darling.

  5. cute! I'm glad you guys had a good time and hope we get together soon. I've been you know how to knit? I think I want to learn.

  6. First of all, I'm totally jealous that you have this skill! Gorgeous!

    Second, I'm shocked that you were able to take a needle on a plane! Good for you!

    Third, your Red, White, and Blue Swap is getting mailed out today! Hope you don't mind the day early!

    Have a great one,

  7. Jill...that was my question too, the needle AND the scissors!:) but it was worth it! too cute!

  8. Shelley,
    You are not a rule-breaker! I took thirty pair of scissors on the plane to do a retreat (after being told that four inches was the limits...that's almost a dagger!).

    Thanks for coming to my blog!!! You are so sweet. And you are so talented that I read your blog from beginning to end. I really was amazed about your heart have been through a lot...but love the fact you have done all this speaking , etc. That is so wonderful.

    Your sampler is ADORABLE! You would make Amy proud!

    Yes, I am going to Silver Bella this year. I can't wait! I am so glad I have finally put all of you OKC women together. What a great group you are!


  9. You Quack Me Up! What fun you had.... and we missed you too. I used to do needlework, but sadly I have no time for it now. Your sweet piece is lovely. Glad you're back. See you soon! XOXOX

  10. hi shelley,
    you are one quick stitcher, and it is oh sooo cute! i am going to have to try this, looks so fun. wish you could have made it last nite, we had fun, but missed you. your kit is ready and at the pc. hope to see you soon. franc

  11. Oh how adorable! Amy is the best! Thanks for sharing the process... the pictures are so fun to see.

  12. Shelley it's just beautiful! You got it all done too!!!
    Love your shots of it on the beach, so cute.
    I too was going to ask about the needle and scissors on the plane but you answered that one for me :)
    I was once taken aside after my bag went through the x-ray machine and had a fork confiscated at Melbourne airport.... I took it to work for lunch that day, and unexpectedly was told I was going to Sydney for a few hours - and forgot I had the fork in the bag!

  13. GIRRRRRRRRRL! You ARE possessed!!! lol Working on a stitchery project on the beach? You kill me with laughter!!! It did turn out beautiful and wish I was inspired as much as you are...I'm just LAZY!!!

  14. You did an awesome job on your little sampler! You take the bull by the horn and will tackle any project and see it to the end! I love it. Thanks for sharing the process and each stop on the vacation.
    I will get your journal to you soon, I promise! Will you be coming to town this week? Just email me.

  15. I ADORE this sampler!!!!!!!! I have been buried in getting 2 swaps finished & shipped for the Art Event in LA. And then went to Paper Cowgirls this weekend here in the metroplex (about an hour from where I live but, I stayed 2 nights at the hotel to HANG with everyone). So, I missed your cute posts. THATS IT!!!!!!! Your'e goin on the sidebar so I can see when you post. Because your'e my buddy & you post COOL STUFF!!! Hugs! Charlene

  16. where can we get this? It looks like a couple years ago...still available? Etsy? I want!!!! :-)

  17. Good Morning - I found you through Pinterest :) I LOVE this kit <3 and am so glad to hear we stitchers can take our projects on planes again now.
    Smiles, DianeM

  18. Hi Shelley! I'm your newest follower thanks to Pinterest. Love your blog, love your sampler! And I'm thrilled to see scissors allowed on planes to alleviate boredom on a long trip. I'd love if you would come by and follow me too!


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