Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Troop #2 of my Paper Doll Army!!!

I have had these girls in my head for awhile now!  Life is so busy with the kids being home for the summer.  There are so many things I want to get done but they have been sick, playing ball, etc. So I stamped my Catherine Moore Doll's out on Monday morning, cut most of them out while I waited in the waiting room on the kids at the dentist, colored them Tuesday night in between Luke throwing up because he is sick from his spider bite and then put them together after cleaning the house up today. (I know that is a terrible sentence my English teacher friends - sorry!)  So I have a few done and have already given one to Holly for her collection lol!

I plan on adding on to the troop to make them a larger army! Maranda had fun helping me!


  1. Now that's my kind of army Shelley! They're great!

  2. WOW! Did you come up with that idea all by yourself?! Bodacious!

    Hope your kids are feeling better. I'm jealous- mine don't get out until June 18th.

  3. Love the Dolls Shelley! You are really cranking them out girl.

    So sorry you have had sick kiddos. Not fun in the summer. I feel sorry for him with the spider bite. I got bit several years ago and its not fun at all..............hope he is feeling better.

    Keep your head up and keep creating.

  4. hey doll,
    these rock
    so cute.

  5. Your art dolls are amazing. I keep dreaming about making some paper dolls but haven't made time yet. When I see yours I become to motivated and inspired. Thanks for sharing...yours are wonderful!

  6. i LOVE your cupcake doll! I think you should do a give away and let me win! XOXOX

  7. Now that is what I call multi-tasking, and if you want to get things done that's what you have to do some times. L-O-V-E the girls and their sweet little skirts, and what pretty hair ornaments. I agree with Coralie, I feel inspired to make a little fourth of July doll now too! XoXo See you at the paper doll social!

  8. U R sooo creative! This is awsome! :o)

  9. What fun!!!! Making the dolls... not the sick kiddo's. Hope everyone is on the mend soon. What are you planning with your army of patriotic ladies? I added a give away for my friend Riki (after you had commented on my post today). She is really an amazing artist (she taught at ADORN ME this year). Anyway, I didn't want you to miss out on her drawing. I am soooooooooo excited about coming to the class with you in July! Oh how I wish you were going with me to Les Sirenes. Remember I asked you to go with me. My roommate was arranged for my by Kim & it ended up being Cathy from Petticoats & Petticoats. Small world isn't it? :) Have a wonderful weekend. Charlene

  10. Okay, how do I get one? You know I LOVE the one I got in the paperdoll swap at P & P and I think I NEEEEEEEED one of these too.

  11. God Bless America and your patriotic paper dolls!! Love them!!! Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  12. I absolutely LOVE these paper dolls! how wonderful!! xo


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