Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Butler Origami Bags

Zipper Week
I have been really trying to tackle zippers lately.  I really have been wanting to make these cute little Amy Butler origami bags for awhile now but have been terrified of how to put in a zipper.  
  I finally found time to practice in the last couple of days.

I embroidered on a few.

Leslie has already claimed this one:)

You can't really see it but I embroidered a daisy on this one.

Maranda decided Winnie needed to be in this pic.  You can see Maranda's little feet in the background.

I have not mastered the zipper and am learning a lot by screwing up when I put them into the bags.

Happy Sewing Friends!


  1. I love your new little zipper bags!

  2. They look great Shelley! I'm sure by noon you will have 40 done and you will master the zipper!

  3. Oh boy! Are those ever cute! i love the fabric combinations.


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