Monday, July 18, 2011

The Painted Farm

We are so (I am flipping excited) happy to have a new art studio in our neck of the woods called the Painted Farm!  Out south, in the country of our small town lives my new friend Mindi.  She was an art teacher in Moore schools and now has decided to open a studio at her home.  It has turned out beautiful!!!  

Five of my girlfriends and I went out one hot July evening with a couple bottles of wine in tow and made these collage /paintings.  It was so fun!  We laughed so much and all fell in love with our projects:)

Leslie and Mindi getting our canvas's started.

Misti working away!

Holly of course one upped us since she is a professional already! :)

My sister Stacie was so gleeful in her creative process.  To quote her, "I love my painting, so if you don't keep it to yourself!"

Ta daaaaaaa! 

The kids have loved art camp at the Painted Farm and Mindi sold out both sessions!!!  My kids loved it so much we decided to do both sessions.

Mindi's sweet husband is building her a to die for chicken coop.  Maranda fell in love with several chicks:)


  1. Hey Girl!

    So good to hear from you!

    Did you sign up for the school's PTA again this year or did you learn your lesson? haha!


  2. Yea ! I shoulda known you were just busy having FUN ... (())

  3. Oh what fun! You're all so talented. I see lots of fun in your future!!!

  4. Looks like you all had a great time, and your paintings look awesome!

  5. I love it. Sounds like a fun time and what a fun painting. Great job.



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