Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Collecting to make my journal to Europe!!!

Well we leave tomorrow for a family ski trip with my side of the family plus Ryan's mom (plus other in-laws =20)!  It should be a blast!  We are headed to Keystone, CO and it is supposed to snow the whole time we are there!  Coincidentally, some of our very good family friends are taking their family of 20 to be there at the same time!  That should be so fun!  However, I am really looking forward to Ryan and I's trip to France and England this spring!!! It is our 10 year anniversary and we are going to celebrate it there with our amazing friends Jason and Tina! We would never think of traveling without them!  I am excited to see where Catherine Moore gets her inspiration, and all the other artist that call Paris home!  So I have been putting together stamps, papers, flowers and you name it to start making a journal that I can take on the trip to document what we see and have a place for my ephermera.  My girlfriend, Misti, bought me a beautiful journal, French translation card, and stickers to go in my journal!  What a fun surprise to get that from her tonight!!  I heart Misti:)


  1. Lucky Ducky! I can't wait to see what you find there and all the beautiful photos!

  2. Can't wait!!!! You will have to make me an album too, since I lack the craftiness gene :)

  3. I would say you have enough goodies to fill the journal and more! Looks like fun and wish I was going with you.
    See you tuesday night in class! Don't break any limbs this weekend skiing...............

  4. shelley,
    you are one FUN girl! LOVE your blog. and looks like you're doing some pretty cool art of your own. please...can i go to paris with you? you won't even know i'm around.
    see you tues. at jackie's class*****


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