Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paper dolls , D.C. and skiing!

Wow what a week!  We went on a great ski trip.....well  except for the first 24 hours after landing that and my two boys puked and puked with altitude sickness!  They missed the first day of skiing but made up for it the next two days.  Maranda was adorable in her little ski suit and learned to ski too.  Ryan went on a fly fishing trip one day and absolutely loved it!  It was a great time with all my family.  We were blessed to have Grammy there too to help with the pukers!!!  
Once we got back, I got a call from the American Heart Association.  They asked me if I was willing to fly out to D.C. to talk to our congressmen about heart disease.  I said sure and they booked Ryan and I a flight and rooms!!! How crazy is that!?!?!?  
What I was really looking forward to was Jackie Peter's art class tonight!  We made the most adorable candy Valentine boxes.  She is an amazing lady.  She made beautiful brownies and frosted pretzel sticks.  She also had beautiful name tags and bags!!!!  I won a door prize too!   I got one of her new Valentine paper dolls  that I had been coveting on her site!!!  She is such a sweet lady that put a lot of thought into everything!!  Can't wait to take another class.
I FINALLY get to take Donna's honeycomb class this weekend and I CAN NOT wait!:)  


  1. You have way too much fun Shelley Ann!!!! Take a lot of photo's in DC and see if you can find Obama and give him a big high five from me! Have fun honey!

  2. I just absolutely LOVE you! You really inspire me - you're such a great mommy! And I am so excited for you & your trip to DC - what a wonderful cause! This is a side of you that I haven't really seen or been exposed to - makes me want to move in next door to you and hang out! Great job Shel!
    - Olivia

  3. You sound like a busy lady! I'm glad you got out of DC before it was too late.

    Wow, Jackie's classes are like no other that I have had the privilege of taking. She is one of the most creative and detail oriented people I know. I'm glad you were able to make it to her class, sounds like you could use a little me time. XoXo

  4. I LOVE the box you made, Shelley! And how cool that you won the paper doll!

    I am excited to hear how your trip to DC goes. Such an honor!

  5. Miss Shelley you are so sweet. Thank you for the kind words. You were a great first time student and I look forward to having you again soon. Have fun in DC. Tell Mr. Ryan I said hi.......

  6. You should share a little more about your DC trip! Did you get to take pictures with anybody we'd all know?

  7. You busy busy girl! Love the Valentine Box! You did great! I just adore your blog and will see YOU tomorrow for some sweet honeycomb!!


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