Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Petticoats and Parasols (aka Parachutes)

I am so excited to be packed and ready to head to Savannah G.A. in the morning!! We are headed to Jennifer Hayslip's art event!  We will tour, have a soiree, and get to hear Jo Peckman speak!  On Saturday, we will be going to the Ford Plantation to make three art projects from three different artist! Misti is going to pick me up early and we are headed to the airport!  Grandma Leslie is going to meet us there after she goes to the hospital with her sweet daughter Jessica and amazing son in law Wes to find out the sex of their baby!!!  I am hoping girl!  I am ALWAYS wrong.  Grandpa Chris needs a little girl!  Ryan blue label UPSed my dress, gifts and supplies to the hotel in Savannah.  We are so giddy and fired up!  I bought all the supplies on the list but have no clue if I got them all packed.  That is so my personality though.  Leslie will take care of Misit and me if we get in a bind!  I hope to have many pictures to blog soon.  I feel so and guilty leaving our sweet Maranda home sick with her daddy but he says he can handle it!

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  1. You will have a ball! You'll come home, get unpacked and repack for another ball! You will see some same peeps within a week--I promise.


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