Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A morning with Jesse!!!

What can I say?!?!?  I too get baby fever at times, and it is not hard when you get to hold master Jesse Abston!  If you haven't kept up;) he is Brian and Holly's newest and 3rd son!  I am in love with this baby!!! (Check out the true love heart shadow or something on my left arm! How weird is that?!?!?)   Holly and I crack-up/scare/amuse her husband Brian with our talking in a very fast paced/never finishing a thought or sentence/ or taking a breath banter that all true friends possess!!   He was sitting in the kitchen working on the computer as we rambled.  I love her and we got in 50 topics in about 45 minutes!!!!  (We may be extra talented at this so do not try this at home:)
Now these two may be having a wedding planned in about 20 years by the two of us!!  That wedding would be insane!!!!  My Maranda will probably want a very modern wedding and we would be crushed!!
It is always fun being with Holly and her fam!!!!  I Love You Sweet Baby Jesse!


  1. I always enjoy when we get to just sit and visit! What is up with that little heart on your arm?! That's awesome! xoxo

  2. Oh, what a sweetie! Looks like you girls had fun! And what an adorable couple!

  3. Oh you two are just darling. That baby is so sweet too. You lucky gals to live close by. Two of my favorite bloggers! xoxo


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