Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mary Englebreit's studio and other fun adventures!!!

Ok the day started EARLY!  I drove myself to the airport at 6:00 in the morning, parked, checked in and got on the plane all by myself!!! Of course Jemellia and Renee were there to join me.  But still.... pretty impressive for me!!! The flight ended with Jemellia and I holding hands for dear life as the plane landed with tons of turbulence and people yelling in fear a little!!!  Oh ya, also I got Luke autographs from a football player guys from Dallas, the Rams and Sam Bradford!  They were all on our flight and Luke will love it!!!  So we landed and went straight to Mary Engelbreit's studio here in St. Louis, MO, and the area we are in along with the studio were beautiful!!! I even got a picture of me standing behind her desk:)  We then had a great lunch outside at LiLuna.  The street we are staying on is so charming and our hotel is way too nice!  We even got upgraded to a suit!  While we were standing in line to check in Mary Engelbreit walked in and I just smiled at her.  She said, "you look like one of our art girls."  I said "yes" and she said "I am Mary."  I said, "Hi Mary." Then I realized oh geez Shelley it's Mary Englebreit!!! She was super sweet and visited with Renee and I  while Jemellia got us all checked in.  Jackie told us to go to the store Red Lead.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!  We loved it and had so much fun rummaging through all of their fun finds!!!  It is ran by two sweet and hilarious sisters Sharon and Chris!!! They had me cracked up the whole time, and we hope to meet up with them tomorrow at the event:)  (Ok I am now frustrated with the way this blog is turning out!  The pictures are all scrambled and not separated like they were a few minutes ago!!  It is 11:30 and I am exhausted so bear with me please:)  Anyhoo, moving on....  We went to Anthropology too.  I had to refrain though at that store (not that I did two weeks ago with the catalog;)  Finally, we went to the welcome reception where I got a picture with Mary and Barbara and the very sweet Kaari Meng.  It was a great time and fun to get to see Rachel again.  Robin you are missed:)


  1. Good Lord, Girl...slow down! I can't keep up! glad you're having the time of your life. Can't wait to hear more...

  2. Oh my goodness! Looks uber fun! xo's Heidi

  3. I knew you would get into trouble at Red Lead. Chris and Sharon are great. Can't wait to hear all about the weekend. Have fun and I hope your flight back is a little less rough.

  4. Okay SweetPea, you are having waaaaay to much fun :) Now tell us more....


  5. Miss Moulin Rouge,
    I so cannot believe you are off on another whirlwind trip AND you get to see Rachel and Jo AGAIN in less that 5 freakin' days!
    How much clothes do you own girlfriend???
    Please oh please give Rachel a hug for me and have her hug you back.
    I'm sorry for Robin that she couldn't make heart is SO with her.
    Have fun, be safe, and keep posting.
    I even like your upside down photo! hahaha

  6. oh...I wanted to tell you...
    I met Mary E. two years ago at Silver Bella.
    Does she ever smile???
    Let me know if you see a glimpse of one this weekend okay?

  7. I am SO JEALOUS right now! You girls look GORGEOUS and fresh and dewy, no-one would ever know you had such an early and nerve-wracking flight. I'm so glad you're having so much fun. I can't wait to see and hear more! xo

  8. Yay! Good to see you too!! Such fun!

  9. Shelley, do you ever stop having event in Savannah & now in MO!!LOL I think I met Jemellia at Silver Bella last year.


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