Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Man is Home!!!! LOL!

After 3 WEEKS in Oman's desert, Ryan finally flew in yesterday.  It took him 32 hours of planes and airports but he made it!  He slept throught the night so that is great considering his day's and nights are reversed.  He brought us back some great goodies from what I am guessing was the Oman or Dubai airport.  He got the boys some spy gear and these hats for my boys with huge heads.  Maranda got a camel and I got this beautiful beaded shawl that I will use as a runner.  Feels so great to have him home!  I was so sad and lonely without him.  Thank you for all my friends (Leslie and Misti especially) for keeping me on the move and having fun while he was gone.  Now I am focused on Holly having that baby boy  and the girls and I heading to Savannah for the Petticoats and Parasols event!  Yesterday the amazing Donna kept us super busy making our inchies frames!  It was so fun getting to create and Donna was so generous to share so much with us!  We laughed a lot and I got to sit by my girl Nan!


  1. So glad your husband made it safely home. I am sure he was beyond elated to hug you guys. Glad to see you yesterday. Your Inchies piece is so beautiful and joyous.

  2. I love your inchies. What great gifts you all received, gear up for your new events!

  3. Oh so glad that Ryan made it home safe and sound,I know you are a happy girl now! I love this new inchies you are doing..another something I would like to try .You know I have always liked crafts and now you got me wanting to do all these fancy things you are doing..Ok let's face it..I want your life Shelley Overholt..tee hee.Call are gonna have to help me make one of these for Charlie Grace!


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