Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome Southern Belle Soiree

Holy Camoly!!!! This is crazy!!! Crazy!!! Crazy!!!  We are having the time of our lives!  It is like a dream world!  This blog is going to be about the welcome night!  I am going to wait until next week to blog about  meeting Paula Deen's brother, going to the beautiful beach, antique stores, meeting new friends, the Tea Room etc.   So much has happened!  How can I make this my job?!?!?  Anyway,  we got all dressed up in our Sunday best and walked into such a beautiful wonderland of pink and frills.  Jo Packham, (Editor in Chief of Where Woman Create), was an amazing sweet, funny and driven woman!  She was such a hoot and I got to sit by her on the trolly ride and visit.  Hopefully, we can get her to OK to photograph my girlfriends and my studios!  The gal taking pictures of me with Jo did not get a very good pic so I will get a better one with her today.  Anyway, the soiree was so much fun and so beautiful!  Rosalyn-Sue Smith had a beautiful sugar bar for us to fill goodie bags up.  It was such a cute idea and the kids are going to love all the sweet goodies we got.  We stayed up late in our room visiting with our new friends Bryanna and Joanna!  They are great artist!  We are dragging this morning and trying to plan out our day!  We do not want to spend too much money today because there will be vendors tonight at the dress up night!  Still on top of the world!  Jenn is and amazing hostess and looks just like a barbie!  She is the one in the picture that has the beautiful pink and black dress and long brunette hair!!!

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  1. So very beautiful! It was so much fun. So glad to meet you. I will be back to say hello again.

    Big Hugs


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