Sunday, April 25, 2010

Savannah Gifts

These are the gifts I made for Misti and Leslie to open on each day of the event this week.  We journaled  about all the beauty of the event, meals and all the hilarious memories we made!  Then I made them corsages for their dress up night and forgot to give them to them until the next day!!!  Finally, I made them the name tags to wear out to the plantation.  I made this collage for everyone to sign for Jenn.  It was to  say thank you for being such and amazing hostess! BTW everyone went nuts over the name tags which was my girlfriend Jackie Peter's idea!  I think I told everyone about my dear Good Grief Girdie!!!


  1. I love the name tags! You are such a star!

  2. Hi Shelley,
    It was so great meeting you and Petticoats. The pictures are amazing - how did you find the time to blog during the event? I am wiped out :) in a good way. You are such a sweetie. This was my very first event so I am still in whirlwind trying to put names with faces. I will add you to my favorites sweetie and will be visiting often. Hopefully we will meet again soon.


  3. aaahhhh,
    My sweet Moulin Rouge girl!!!

    I am so fortunate to have met you and I thank you for sharing some great memories with me!!!

    You are adorable and I swear...we've got to meet up at another art retreat soon okay???

    I have NO idea how you had the time to post during the retreat, but you took some FABULOUS photos I said before, YOU ROCK!
    I just love your energy, but most of all...I love your smile!!!

    Let's please keep in touch~

  4. Shelley it was a treat to meet you and to be able to "visit" on one of the trolley rides.
    Your creations were so wonderful...I wanted to steal them. You know my impulse control isn't the greatest and it was very very hard for me to let you keep them. :)
    I know your family is happy to have you back home but we were delighted to have you at the event, you helped make it fun. (())

  5. WOW you are on the ball with your post lol! It was SO GREAT TO MEET YOU! You are so amazing! I hope to see you again someday. I had so much fun!

    Ok I am off to read your other post.
    Hugs! Cassandra

  6. Sister...those name tags came out AWESOME!!! I'm so glad you had so much needed that girl time! Can't wait to see you at the next Paper Crown class...hugs!

  7. Shelley your pics are all soo cute! And your pics are on Jenn's blog! How exciting! Glad your having fun! Mondaie:)

  8. Shelly, It was so great to meet you, Leslie & Misti in Savannha. I would love to hook up with you guys when Hubby comes up there to work. You guys were so much fun to be with. I LOVED your dress for Vendor Night. And that necklace was to die for. Talk to you soon. Charlene


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