Thursday, March 4, 2010


I got my goodies in from Sugar Sugar a new site Holly turned me on to.  Ok a new site for me!!! Everything was so pretty so I got just about one of everything!   The packaging was so pretty and I was drooling when I opened it up.  Then Kasey came over with something extra special for me.  She had been working on a couple of "sweetheart banners" and we needed some pinking shears.  I have some cheapy plastic ones that wouldn't work.  So Kasey came later that afternoon with a heavy steal pair to GIVE to me!  I wanted to cry!  They were her sweet momma Janet's old pair.  They are the really good ones too.  I did insist she not give them to me but wanted them soooo bad.  She has another pair near and dear to her heart that were her grandmother's.  She will not let them go.  I am going to try to find another pair out in the world to have so I can one day give these back!!!
Kasey and I leave next week to go to D.C.  I am excited about lobbying to our senators for heart disease research!!!  It should be some fun stories!!  It will probably be freezing and we will wish we were with our girlfriend Ryann in Costa Rica or my husband on his guys golfing trip in Pheonix, AZ!!!!!! So jealous but we have had a pretty day today!!!


  1. Wow Shelley ..that is a beautiul pile of pretty's that you got from Sugar Sugar..some of us can't afford two things from there much less one of girlfriend while creating your next masterpiece think of me when you throw your scraps in the trash..I'll take them and make something out of them..:)

    That was very sweet of Kasey to give you something so dear and near to her heart..I'm sure she knows this but if she doesn't...Kasey you have given something to someone that will cherish those scissors like her own grandmother had given her..nobody appreciates and takes care of things that are near and dear to your heart like Shelley Ann does. I have trusted her with several things and I know they are in good hands...she will love and keep them to the end..You and Kasey are lucky to have each other for friends!Have fun in D.C.!!

  2. Awwww so sweet! Group cyber hug!! lol Cath I should do a blog with my goodies from you!!! Love you girls!

  3. Analise is amazing and has the best eye for things.....

  4. Such pretty things, Shelley! Analise has the best stuff!

    You'll have so much fun in DC. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Oh, and forgot to say... SO SO sweet of Kasey to give you those very special pinking shears!


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